Meeting the Multiple-Source Feedstock Challenge

U.S. military developing systems that can produce alternative liquid fuels and power

It has long been understood that commercially available, large-scale gasifiers are an imperfect fit for biomass conversion. In the past, fuel sourcing, preparation, and feed problems – combined with unique ash properties and tar production – made it very challenging to reliably operate a large gasifier on renewable sources. Is this still true today?

Researchers at the Energy & Environmental Research Center are not convinced, and they are gathering the data to make their case.

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Tags: liquid fuels, energy security, competitive fuel costs, increased efficiency, environmental sustainability, TRIG, wood, corn stover, switchgrass


Biomass Magazine, 2013-07-22.


Avetec Inc.
Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology
Energy & Environmental Research Center
General Electric
Shell Group
Siemens AG
US Department of Energy (DoE)


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