MBP Trading SA is getting certified according to the RSB Scheme

Company providing services and expertise in by-product collection to a wide range of industries

Geneva, 21 August 2014 – MBP Group has earned the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) sustainability certification for their waste material collection, trading and distribution activities.

“MBP Group was built on a sustainable background, adding as much value as possible to industrial by-products. Sustainability was – and still remains – a key ingredient of our business activities and its success. We are pleased to see that our company was certified according to the RSB scheme; this constitutes an important recognition of our continuous efforts for the sustainable management and trade of industrial waste and by-products,” David Magnussen, MBP Group CEO.

“We are very pleased that MBP Group has chosen RSB certification for their sites in the UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. MBP’s commitment to feedstock traceability throughout their operations, which supply a wide range of waste material to the biofuels and bioenergy sectors, fits very well with the robust RSB approach to waste verification,” said Rolf Hogan, RSB’s Executive Secretary.

MBP provides services and expertise in by-product collection to a wide range of industries and specialises in finding optimal markets for bio-derived fats and oil as well as solids and powders. Through extensive product knowledge and experience of the technical requirements for raw material in various sectors and applications, MBP is able to provide customers with environmentally sustainable as well as cost efficient products and raw material substitutes. MBP markets products in the areas of: biofuel, technical oils, animal feed, fertiliser and anaerobic digestion substrates.

The RSB is a European Commission approved system for the sustainability certification of biomaterials including biofuels. Based on 12 key principles, RSB provides a holistic approach towards sustainability assurance, covering social, environmental, economic and operational aspects in its analysis.

Recent reports by the World Wide Fund (WWF) and Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) ranked RSB as the best performing system out of the various schemes included in the analysis. And according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the RSB standard has been identified to cover “more sustainability criteria, with greater detail, and with more breath in terms of level of assurance than any of the other Voluntary sustainability schemes.”


About RSB

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is a global movement to ensure the sustainability of biomaterials production through a comprehensive certification system. The RSB brings together a diverse coalition of over 100 organizations around the world including large and small farmers, companies, NGOs, experts, governments, and UN agencies. RSB certification provides user-friendly tools for industry to demonstrate compliance and validates sustainable production including greenhouse gas emission reductions, respect for human rights, protection of biodiversity and water and maintenance of food security. RSB is a full member of the ISEAL Alliance and is rated the best performing sustainability certification system in recent reports published by WWF, IUCN, and NRDC.

About MBP Group

MBP Group is a company with its head-office in Switzerland, but with production/process plants and tank terminals in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the UK and Canada. The Group mainly focuses on providing by-product collection services to production industries, ensuring absolute legal compliance and increased efficiency in the management of by-products. The acquired waste or by-products are often stored and processed in MBP’s plants, and traded at the international markets. MBP Group has long experience in finding and developing potential buyers of these by-products who can use them as a valuable raw material in their production line. Hence, an integral part of the MBP Group’s activities is working for the benefit of the environment, by reducing industrial waste and finding innovative applications for exploiting these materials. MBP Group is offering the by-product services worldwide, and is also trading the by-products in a global scale.



Mr. Rolf Hoga
RSB Executive Secretary
Phone: +41 22 796 4037
E-Mail: rolf.hogan@rsb.org

Ms. Helena Tavares Kennedy
RSB Marketing & Communications Director
Phone: +1 703 725 4626
E-Mail: helena.kennedy@rsb.org

Mr Jens Jacobsen MBPGroup
Sales Director & Partner
Phone: +41 32 720 0525
E-Mail: jsj@mbpgroup.eu


MBP Group, press release, 2014-08-21.


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MBP Group
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB)
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