Manitoba launches Bioproducts Strategy

Growing Green Bio-products Strategy to prepare next step to grow Manitoba into a world leader

BildGrowing Green: the Manitoba Bio-products Strategy prepares the next step for government, industry, and research institutions to work together to grow Manitoba into a world leader in the bioproducts industry, says Premier Greg Selinger. The strategy will identify opportunities and guide efforts to further develop a bioproducts industry in Manitoba.

Every year millions of tonnes of agricultural and forestry products are produced in Manitoba, creating a valuable supply of biomass for the production of biofuels, biomaterials, and biochemicals. More than 30 companies in Manitoba currently produce bioproducts. As a result of provincial investment, the growth of this industry is expected to create an additional 700 jobs in the coming decade, bringing the annual revenue generated by the industry to $2 billion by 2020, at least 80% of which will be produced in rural Manitoba, says Selinger.

“In order to achieve this vision, the government of Manitoba has committed $20 million in support for the bioproducts industry over the next decade. For 2011, the province has more than $4 million in project funding available to research institutions and entrepreneurs working on developing innovative bioproducts,” he adds.

The Manitoba Bio-products Strategy is available here (PDF-Download 1,2 MB)


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Green and Growing (Manitoba’s Green Strategic Framework)