LyondellBasell secures advanced recycled feedstock with Nexus Circular

Feedstock from advanced recycling adds to company's ambitious circularity goals

LyondellBasell and Nexus Circular today announced they have signed a definitive long-term contract, which will supply LyondellBasell with approximately 24,000 tons of recycled feedstock per year. The material will be produced at Nexus Circular’s new advanced recycling facility, which will begin construction in 2023. The new facility will convert mixed plastic waste, which today mostly ends up in landfills or incineration, into recycled feedstock. LyondellBasell will use the recycled feedstock at its Channelview, Texas facility to produce new plastics which will be marketed under the CirculenRevive brand.

Nexus Circular Advanced Recycled Feedstock.
Nexus Circular Advanced Recycled Feedstock

“Customers and brand owners need sustainable solutions to meet their 2030 recycling commitments, and this contract is a concrete step toward advancing partnerships across the value chain,” said Yvonne van der Laan, LyondellBasell Executive Vice President, Circular and Low Carbon Solutions. “This agreement is aligned with our circularity ambitions, advancing us closer to our 2030 goal.”

Nexus Circular is a commercial leader in advanced recycling with a proven proprietary technology and a leading process design that converts landfill-bound films and other hard-to-recycle plastics into high-quality liquids which are then used to produce virgin-quality plastics. Since 2018, Nexus has been consistently supplying commercial volumes of ISCC Plus certified circular liquid products, having diverted over 8 million pounds of used plastics from landfill.

Clint Thompson, Chief Commercial Officer at Nexus, stated, “We are pleased to collaborate with LyondellBasell to leverage our proven commercial solution that unlocks the full value of plastics and accelerates the transition to a circular economy.”

About LyondellBasell

As a leader in the global chemical industry, LyondellBasell strives every day to be the safest, best operated and most valued company in our industry. The company’s products, materials and technologies are advancing sustainable solutions for food safety, access to clean water, healthcare and fuel efficiency in more than 100 international markets. LyondellBasell places high priority on diversity, equity and inclusion and is Advancing Good with an emphasis on our planet, the communities where we operate and our future workforce. The company takes great pride in its world-class technology and customer focus. LyondellBasell has stepped up its circularity and climate ambitions and actions to address the global challenges of plastic waste and climate change. For more information, please visit or follow @LyondellBasell on LinkedIn.

About Nexus 

Nexus Circular is an advanced recycling company at the center of the circular economy. Nexus accelerates plastic recycling with a market-leading, environmentally efficient, and scalable process so that people, economies, and the environment can thrive. Using its end-to-end solution, Nexus works with sustainability-minded companies and recycling organizations to secure used plastics, especially hard-to-recycle films, having diverted millions of pounds to date from landfill. Nexus then combines proprietary technology with a leading process design to convert used plastics into clean high-quality, ISCC Plus certified circular liquid products for global companies who use them to produce virgin-quality plastics, which displace fossil-based materials to achieve their recycled content goals. With operations that scale and a team that delivers, Nexus is on a trajectory to convert billions of pounds of hard-to-recycle plastics into circular products to support their global partners’ 2025-2030 sustainability commitments. For more information, visit

Nexus Circular. Advanced Recycling. Accelerated.

Bales of waste plastic film ready to be processed by Nexus
Bales of waste plastic film ready to be processed by Nexus


LyondellBasell, press release, 2023-02-16.


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