Lux Research Releases Top 10 Innovative Companies Profiled in Q2 2013

Promising new emerging technologies for 3D printing, disease-resistant crops, solar-powered oil production, and Alzheimer’s diagnosis highlight Lux Research’s Q2 2013 list

Leading emerging technology research firm Lux Research profiled 420 companies across 18 different emerging technology domains in the second quarter of 2013 as part of its ongoing intelligence services. Drawing on the deep domain expertise of its analysts, Lux Research uses primary research to provide detailed information and critical analysis of firms developing emerging technologies that are poised to impact global megatrends like sustainable energy and infrastructure, sustainable health and wellness, and materials revolutions.

Each quarter the Lux Research team of analysts identifies the 10 most compelling companies profiled across all its coverage areas. Each firm gets a “Lux Take” that ranges from “Strong Caution” to “Strong Positive,” to provide a bottom-line assessment of its prospect, with a “Wait and see” rating for companies that still face too much uncertainty for a definitive call.

The top 10 from Q2 2013 are:

1. Morflora – Wait and see – Agro Innovation
By achieving transgenic-level disease resistance without any genetic modification Morflora sidesteps contentious issues; its current pilot program has Morflora poised to be a part of most major seed treatment products within three to five years.

2. Cognoptix – Wait and see – Bioelectronics
Its point-of-care ocular beta-amyloid aggregate test for early Alzheimer’s diagnosis could help shift medicine towards preventive care, consequently reducing costs and improving outcomes.

3. Arcam – Strong Positive – Advanced Materials
Electron beam melting (EBM) 3D printers offer high-quality metal parts with faster throughput and higher strength than selective laser sintering; it has a unique business model encouraging compatible third-party material powder inputs.

4. GlassPoint Solar – Wait and See – Solar Systems; Exploration & Production
The poster child for solar-powered enhanced oil recovery (EOR) has raised $29 million from investors including Royal Dutch Shell, and has a 7 MW pilot project constructed with PDO in Oman.

5. Iceotope – Positive – Efficient Building Systems
In the high performance computing market, this early-stage company aims to replace traditional air-cooled servers with its novel sealed liquid units, reducing cooling energy by over 50%.

6. Imprint Energy – Positive – Printed, Flexible, and Organic Electronics; Mobile Energy
With its best-in-class thin-film battery technology and a credible path to cost reduction at high volumes, Imprint is working with the U.S. intelligence community on wearable applications.

7. Ascenix Biotechnologies – Wait and See – Bio-Based Materials and Chemicals
A formidable foe against older and larger bio-based chemicals, Ascenix’s route to the important methyl methacrylate doesn’t require propylene or cyanide and could have attractive economics.

8. Alter NRG – Positive – Alternative Fuels
In a space where companies are struggling to finance and build projects, AlterNRG is making sales from its high-temperature plasma gasification to convert a range of waste streams into syngas.

9. Cooledge Lighting – Wait and See – Energy Electronics
Flexible planar LED modules should find attractive applications in the commercial lighting segment; this company offers a twist on planar modules by incorporating the flexibility of OLED lighting using traditional LEDs.

10. Kebony – Positive – Sustainable Building Materials
Rising prices and increased global awareness about protecting tropical forests has led to a significant demand for tropical hardwood replacement. Kebony is well-positioned to capitalize on these trends with itsfurfuryl-alcohol-modified softwood that has comparable cost/performance to Burmese teak.

About Lux Research
Lux Research provides strategic advice and ongoing intelligence for emerging technologies. Leaders in business, finance and government rely on us to help them make informed strategic decisions. Through our unique research approach focused on primary research and our extensive global network, we deliver insight, connections and competitive advantage to our clients. Visit for more information.


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