LIGNOLOC® now with technical approval

The collated nail made of wood from RAIMUND BECK GmbH received the National technical approval / general construction technique permit

csm_BECK_Team_LIGNOLOC_Zulassung_IMG_2403-1_RGB_2009_1800x1418px_96dpi_07d04ea8e5It was an important step and a definite reason to celebrate for the innovation team of RAIMUND BECK GmbH. On August 28, 2020, the German Institute for Construction Engineering (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik – DIBt) issued the “National technical approval / general construction technique permit” for “Load- bearing timber connections using LignoLoc® wooden nails”. After extensive tests and complex calculation models, all expectations of the expert committee were met.

The approval enables the planning, design and execution of load-bearing connections in timber frame construction. Planks and panels made of solid timber, wood-based materials or gypsum fiber can be attached to wood building materials using LIGNOLOC® wooden nails. In addition, connections can be made with LIGNOLOC® to produce bracing and load-bearing wall diaphragms.

Since wooden nails are not yet covered by a standard, the test results had to give the committee of experts the confidence they needed to approve the product for 50 years of use in construction.

Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Beck, General Manager & Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

“The technical approval makes our vision of sustainable building with sustainable fastening systems even more tangible and it is the official confirmation that this is not just a crazy abstract idea, but a completely well thought-out and marketable concept. For us it represents the first major step out of the niche towards the mass market.”

LIGNOLOC® – modern wooden nail for future-oriented timber construction

LIGNOLOC® is the first collated wooden nail for future-oriented use in industrial production and in ecological wood processing. The revolutionary wooden nails are made from Central European beech wood. By using the FASCO® LIGNOLOC® pneumatic nailer and due to their mechanical properties, the nails can be driven into wood and wooden materials without pre- drilling and are permanently connected to the receiving base wood.

Benefits in wood construction through wooden nails and the lignin welding effect

The special design of the LIGNOLOC® nail point and the large amount of heat generated by friction when the nail is driven in at a high speed cause the lignin of the wooden nail to weld with the surrounding wood to form a substance-to-substance bond. This effect – referred to as lignin welding – has been tested and confirmed by scientists at the University of Hamburg, by means of UV scanning of the cell structure.

The LIGNOLOC® wooden nails convince with many key benefits. They do not act as thermal bridges and avoid unsightly wood discoloration or traces of corrosion. They also cause less tool wear when processing nailed wooden components subsequently.

Ideal for ecological timber construction – 75% less greenhouse gases than steel nails

From production to recycling, LIGNOLOC® wood nails have outstanding eco-friendly properties. European beech is a renewable raw material with short transport routes. According to a study by the Nova Institute, the production of a LIGNOLOC® wood nail causes only a quarter of the greenhouse gases compared to a technically similar steel nail.

LIGNOLOC® pneumatic tools ensure substance-to-substance bonds

Wood to wood connections are particularly appreciated in ecological wooden house construction. The LIGNOLOC® F44 and F60 pneumatic nailers provide the necessary power to drive the wooden nails directly into wood or wooden materials without pre-drilling.

The F60 system offers even larger dimensions, better pull-out and shear values and more possibilities for ecological timber construction.

With the two LIGNOLOC® HEADs from the FASCO® tool line of BECK, the wooden nails can now also be processed in stationary systems.

Manual pneumatic nailer F44AC CN15-PS60A LIGNOLOC®

For wooden nails with a diameter of 3,7 mm and length of 38 / 50 / 55 / 60 mm

Manual pneumatic nailer F60 CN15-PS90 LIGNOLOC®

For wooden nails with a diameter of 4,7 + 5,3 mm and length of 50 / 65 / 75 / 90 mm


Suitable for LIGNOLOC® wood nails of 3,7 mm x 38 – 60 mm


Suitable for LIGNOLOC® wood nails of 4,7 + 5,3 mm x 50 – 90 mm

With the general construction technique permit for the LIGNOLOC® wood nails, the application possibilities in timber construction will expand even more in the future.


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LIGNOLOC® Product-Awards:

05/2017: 3rd Place, LIGNA Novelty Symposium, Hannover, Germany
11/2017: Bronze, Batimat Innovation Award, Paris
12/2017: 2nd Place, Innovation Award Biocomposite of the Year,
Cologne 02/2018: Trophée Eurobois 2018, Lyon
06/2018: materialPREIS 2018, Stuttgart
07/2018: Green Product Award 2018, Berlin
08/2018: IWF Challengers Award / Atlanta / USA
10/2018: PTIA Award 2018 / USA
01/2019: AIT Innovation award Architecture + Construction2019, Munich 03/2019: Green Product Special Award 2019, Munich
04/2019: Nominee Energy Globe Award, Category Earth
09/2019: Houses of the Year 2019 –Best Product Award
11/2019: German Design Award, Winner 2020


Raimund Beck, press release, 2020-09-23.


Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt)
Raimund Beck Nageltechnik GmbH
Universität Hamburg


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