Lignol & Novozymes target wood ethanol

Agreement on enzyme optimization for use in the cellulosic biofuel process

”’Lignol Energy Corporation, a cellulosic ethanol technology developer, has announced a memorandum of understanding with Novozymes, a producer of industrial enzymes. The parties have established the framework of a multi-year collaboration agreement to optimize the latest generation of Novozymes’ enzymes for use in Lignol’s cellulosic biofuel process.”’

Lignol plans to construct large-scale biorefineries for the production of cellulosic biofuel from wood chips and forestry residues. Novozymes supplies enzymes that convert cellulosic biomass into sugars that can then be fermented into ethanol. The parties plan to use Lignol’s fully integrated industrial-scale pilot plant in Burnaby, British Columbia, to optimize enzyme performance across a range of cellulosic feedstocks in Lignol’s process.

This announcement follows progress between the parties that has brought significant improvements in the conversion of woody biomass to ethanol. The collaborators will work to optimize the enzyme technology to remove a critical cost barrier to commercializing cellulosic ethanol production, comments Lignol president and CEO, Ross MacLachlan.


Canadian Biomass Magazine, 2010-02-18.


Lignol Energy Corporation