Life Cycle Analysis concludes Green Polyethylene can reduce GHG emission

Even with half a world away transportation

Braskem S.A. (“Braskem”; Head Office: São Paulo, Brazil; CEO: Bernardo Gradin) and Toyota Tsusho Corporation (“Toyota Tsusho”; Head Office: Nagoya, Japan; President: Junzo Shimizu) have concluded the joint study of life cycle analysis for polyethylene derived from Brazilian sugarcane (“Green Polyethylene”), and finds that the Green Polyethylene emits less greenhouse gas (GHG) when compared to petroleum-based polyethylene even if it is delivered to the other side of the earth.

The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan conducted the analysis under the collaborative study with the parties using the preliminary eco-efficiency study performed by Fundação Espaço Eco in Brazil (2007/2008), which shows that 1 kilogram of Green Polyethylene emits 1.35 kilograms* of CO2 equivalents of GHG when it is produced in Brazil, shipped to Japan, used by consumer as container and packaging, and then incinerated. Meanwhile, traditional petroleum-based polyethylene emits 4.55 to 5.10 kilograms in its overall life cycle. As a result, the study demonstrates that 70 to 74 percent of GHG can be reduced with the substitution of Green Polyethylene for traditional polyethylene.

For details of the study, Professor Masahiko Hirao and Assistant Professor Yasunori Kikuchi of the university will deliver a presentation at “International Congress on Sustainability Science and Engineering – ICOSSE11”, the most renowned environmental congress held in Tucson, AZ, USA, on January 11, 2011.

On September 24, 2010, Braskem inaugurated the largest industrial-scale plant of bio-based ethylene with an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons to be converted into the same volume of Green Polyethylene. Toyota Tsusho will start distribution of Green Polyethylene in Asian countries including Japan after certain shipping time from Brazil to the countries.



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