Leading biofuels supplier Greenergy earns RSB sustainability certification

Waste-based biodiesel from the UK has now been certified

Greenergy, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of waste based biodiesel, has earned the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) sustainability certification for the production of biodiesel from used cooking oil at its facilities in Immingham and North Cave.

RSB is recognized by NGOs as the “most comprehensive and ambitious” biomaterials sustainability certification program in the world. RSB provides a holistic approach towards sustainability assurance, covering social, environmental, economic and operational aspects in its analysis.

Greenergy supplies more than a quarter of the UK’s road fuel and manufactures its own biodiesel from wastes in order to meet its biodiesel blending obligations. The company sources waste oils and fats globally and operates two biodiesel manufacturing facilities in the UK, with a pre-processing facility enabling the use of an increasingly wide range of different wastes materials.

“Greenergy has unique experience of developing new supply chains for waste products in a number of different global markets and we have worked successfully together over a number of years to promote supply chain traceability,” said RSB’s Executive Director, Rolf Hogan.

“Greenergy’s dedication to the use of waste oils and fats for biodiesel production fits well with RSB’s emphasis on sustainable feedstocks and processing. We are very pleased that it has chosen RSB to demonstrate the sustainability of its biodiesel.”

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive, said “Through our offices in the UK, the USA and Dubai we continue to encourage the adoption of new traceable supply chains, often working with producers in countries where waste to energy schemes have not previously existed.”

“Our next priority is to work towards RSB certification for our newly acquired biodiesel manufacturing facility on Teesside, UK.”


Greenenergy, press release, 2015-03-19.


Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB)


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