Leading biobased food ingredients and biochemicals company adopts gPROMS Advanced Process Modelling (APM) technology

Custom modelling of innovative processes key requirement

Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), the Advanced Process Modelling® company, today announced a long-term software licensing agreement with leading biobased food ingredients and biochemicals company Corbion Purac for PSE’s gPROMS® platform products.

Under the strategic 6-year collaboration agreement PSE will provide its APM technology within an integrated solution framework that includes PSE’s unique gSOLIDS® flowsheeting tool for optimisation of solids process design and operation. PSE will also provide ModelCare® services to assist Corbion Purac engineers in the rapid delivery of projects and translation of existing process flowsheets.

Corbion Purac is a leading company in natural food preservation solutions, biobased building blocks & chemicals and polymers produced from lactic acid. Corbion Purac is the worldwide market leader in lactic acid, lactic acid derivatives and lactides.

The company chose the gPROMS platform because of its powerful dynamic and custom modelling capabilities. Additionally, the ability to combine vapour-liquid and solids handling aspects in the same ‘custom flowsheeting’ environment will allow full plant modelling and system optimisation in the future.

PSE’s gPROMS is the world’s leading advanced process modelling platform for the process industries. It is widely used to make better, faster and safer design and operations decisions by reducing uncertainty through deeper process knowledge than previously possible. This helps companies create lasting value through the ability to rapidly adapt to changing market and regulatory environments.

Mark Matzopoulos, VP of PSE’s General Process Engineering strategic business said, “We are very pleased to see Corbion Purac making the switch to gPROMS technology as the next-generation choice, and also to be recognised as a provider of integrated modelling at all levels – from batch to continuous, steady-state to dynamics, and vapour-liquid to solids handling processes – within a single integrated framework”.


Process Systems Enterprise, press release, 2013-07-15.


Process Systems Enterprise (PSE)