Key account manager for bioplastics – BIO-FED begins active market development in France

Portfolio for the French market to include several new and highly innovative products

One consequence of the new energy turnaround law in France on 1.1.2017 was a ban on conventional plastic bags for fruit and vegetables as well as film packaging for mailing items. In future these have to be biobased and biodegradable in domestic compost. In order to be able to handle the growing demand for bioplastics in the French market and provide expert, on-site customer support, BIO-FED has decided to recruit a key account manager for this market.

The biodegradable and/or biobased plastic compounds specialist based at BioCampus Cologne/Germany has been able to gain the services of an experienced plastics expert to take over this role as of 1 February 2017. The new staff member has years of experience in the plastics industry, having worked for well-known polymer and compound manufacturers. He is also resident at the centre of the French film industry and has excellent contacts among processing companies. Working from his location he will establish and support the French market for the Cologne-based company.

“We have expanded our portfolio for the French market to include several new and highly innovative products in line with current statutory provisions and specifically designed for the French film industry,” says Dr. Stanislaw Haftka, BIO-FED Sales Director. “We regard France as a very interesting and up-and-coming market for bioplastics, and we’re confident our products offer the right answer to the new bioplastics legislation in France.”


BIO-FED, press release, 2017-02.