K 2022: ALBIS presents pioneering product portfolio for innovative and sustainable material solutions

These forward-looking solutions based on bio-circular raw materials or recyclates, which in terms of performance, quality and appearance are in no way inferior to their conventional fossil-based counterparts

ALBIS will be presenting one of the leading international sustainable product portfolios for recycling management needs on the way to a climate-neutral world at the K 2022 in Düsseldorf. The stand will be located in Hall A62 from October 19 to 26.

Together with its partners, internationally leading material manufacturers such as BASF, COVESTRO, INEOS Styrolution, LANXESS, LyondellBasell, MOCOM, SK Chemicals, Solvay, WIPAG, MBA Polymers, MGG Polymers, Sipol and TECNARO, ALBIS has continuously expanded its range of high-quality sustainable material solutions. These include forward-looking solutions based on bio-circular raw materials or recyclates, which in terms of performance, quality and appearance are in no way inferior to their conventional fossil-based counterparts. At the same time, they have a significantly smaller CO2-footprint and address the current societal challenges concerning resource scarcity, climate and environmental protection.

“As an independent advisor, it is our goal and passion to select the optimal future-proof solution for our customers’ applications from our comprehensive range based on technical-commercial analysis,” says Horst Klink, CEO of ALBIS. “With our sustainably established product range, international sales and logistics network and as an ISCC PLUS certified distributor, we are a strong, competent partner prepared to make our contribution to meeting the challenges of our time. We look forward to exciting discussions and personal exchanges in Düsseldorf.”

ALBIS has already received ISCC PLUS certification for bio-circular plastics for the following regions in 2022: Germany, France, Austria, Benelux, the Nordic & Baltics states and the UK. In addition, its subsidiaries in Italy and Switzerland have passed their ISCC PLUS audits and will receive their certificates in the coming weeks. ISCC PLUS certification ensures compliance with environmental and social standards, creating a clear verification base in the production of bio-circular plastics by controlling all value-added steps.

These solutions are part of the ALBIS portfolio:


BASF and ALBIS have been combining economic success with sustainable environmental protection and corporate responsibility since 1967. BASF’s current sustainable range includes the product Ultramid® Balance and the ChemCycling™ project, which integrates pyrolysis oil derived from non-mechanically recyclable plastic waste into the value chain and saves fossil resources. BASF will be presenting its new product portfolio with a lower CO2-footprint at K.


The partnership between COVESTRO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech polymer materials, and ALBIS has been going on for more than 50 years. As an ISCC PLUS-certified company, ALBIS has been distributing the COVESTRO RE portfolio of sustainable alternatives to fossil-based materials as of this year. The new products APEC® RE, Bayblend® RE, Makrolon® RE, Makroblend® RE have a significantly smaller CO2-footprint than fossil-based compounds thanks to the use of bio-circular raw materials and renewable energies based on the mass balance approach. They also offer the same mechanical properties and can thus be used as a drop-in solution.

In addition to sustainable products based on polycarbonate, COVESTRO also offers solutions based on thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Desmopan® EC is made from bio-based renewable resources from post-industrial recycled (PIR) raw materials. Both products offer significant CO2-savings compared to their 100 percent fossil-based counterparts.

INEOS Styrolution

Sustainability is a key success factor for the long-standing, trusting and successful cooperation between INEOS Styrolution and ALBIS. INEOS Styrolution led the way with the high-quality recycled ABS Terluran® ECO, partially made from recycled electrical and electronic waste. By expanding the ECO portfolio, the distributor has been able to offer its partner’s new and sustainable material solutions as of this year. The expansion of the portfolio includes the product lines Styrolux® ECO, Styroflex® ECO, NAS® ECO and Luran® ECO. These materials are based on styrene, which is derived from renewable raw materials and can thus be used as a handy drop-in solution. The recently introduced Novodur® ECO Specialty ABS and Novodur® ECO High Heat ABS are also part of the portfolio. These products are based on high-quality, mechanically recycled post-consumer waste and offer a balanced profile of properties that is ideally suited as a sustainable option.


LANXESS and ALBIS have been working together in the area of technical thermoplastics since 1966. LANXESS is constantly expanding its portfolio of sustainable products by such means as ISCC PLUS certification of polyamide 6 and glass fiber production in Antwerp and Krefeld and through strategic partnerships for the procurement of sustainable raw materials. Durethan® ECO and Pocan® ECO contain materials such as recycled glass fibers and recycled PET. The latest generation of sustainable solutions are Durethan® BLUE products consisting of up to 92 percent sustainable raw materials with a certified mass balance.


This partnership has also been in existence for more than 50 years. LyondellBasell aims to actively contribute to the elimination of plastic waste, the tackling of climate change and support of a thriving society. The Circulen® product family also plays a significant role in these goals. These include Circulen® Renew, products made from renewable raw materials such as used cooking oils; Circulen® Recover, made by mechanically recycling plastic waste; and Circulen® Revive, products made using an advanced (molecular) recycling process.

MBA Polymers

MBA Polymers offers economical and environmentally-sustainable alternatives to new products with high-quality post-consumer recycled (PCR) ABS, HIPS, PP, mineral-filled PP and HDPE.

MGG Polymers

MGG Polymers produces PCRs such as ABS, PC+ABS, HIPS and PP, which help to protect limited natural resources, consume significantly less energy over their life cycle, and save large quantities of greenhouse gases.


MOCOM produces a very wide portfolio of highly specialized and customized compounds. Products of the brands Altech® ECO, Alfater® ECO, Cellidor® and Tedur® have already been able to impress in numerous application areas. The compounder offers an Altech® PP ECO portfolio with products made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled material in Near-to-Prime® quality. MOCOM has also launched a sustainable TPV series on the market under the Alfater XL® ECO brand, which is fully based on PP recycled material and, upon request, on renewable raw materials (bio EPDM) as well. CO2-savings are calculated using widespread GaBi software.


Solvay offers materials and specialty chemicals for a wide range of market segments. The company is committed to developing cleaner and safer mobility as well as improving resource efficiency. In addition to the partially bio-based Kalix® HPPA, Solvay has recently introduced Amodel Bios®: bio-based, long-chain PPA products that are specially designed for electrical and electronic applications in electromobility. Alongside its proportion of renewable raw materials, the new polymer is produced with 100 percent renewable energy, which significantly reduces its global warming potential (GWP).

SK Chemicals

With its Green Chemicals division, SK Chemicals focuses in particular on the development and production of thermoformable bio-copolyesters, as well as copolyesters and polyethylene terephthalates (PET). These include the world’s first bio-modified copolyester ECOZEN® and the newly developed ECOTRIA® R and ECOTRIA® CR ranges, which include both mechanically recycled and chemically recycled polyester and copolyester. The glass-fiber reinforced and flame-retardant PET SKYTRA® is available a recycled PET content of up to 50 percent.


Sipol focuses on the production of high-performance polymers for the areas of hot-melt adhesives, technopolymers and biopolymers. Developed from bio-based co-monomers, by-products of vegetable oils, TECHNIPOL® Bio is a bio-based/biodegradable product. Application possibilities can be found in the footwear industry, the textile industry or as a component for the compounding of biodegradable/compostable engineering plastics.


TECNARO develops, processes and markets sustainably produced raw materials based on lignin, a by-product of cellulose production. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the development of ecological materials and has already received various sustainability awards. The compounds ARBOFORM®, ARBOFILL® and ARBOBLEND® are distinctive for the way they combine renewable raw materials and industrial compostable raw materials and are used for a variety of different applications.


WIPAG stands for successful plastic recycling since more than 30 years. In 2022, it was awarded gold by the rating agency EcoVadis for its sustainable growth in accordance with globally applicable corporate social responsibility standards. With innovative technologies developed in-house, the company produces high-quality recycled compounds in open loop and closed loop processes and recycles waste back into production. As a specialist in the preparation and manufacture of injection-moldable carbon fiber compounds, WIPAG also promotes the development of sustainable products and services as part of the Sustainability Circle and, with its high-tech lightweight construction compound WIC made of secondary carbon fiber, is a solid part of the sustainable ALBIS portfolio.


ALBIS is one of the world’s leading companies in the distribution of technical thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers. With technical know-how, a strong distribution network and a passion for finding the best solution, ALBIS offers its customers, as an independent distributor, one of the market-leading and most comprehensive product portfolios for the entire plastics processing industry. With 24 locations worldwide and 500 employees, the company is based in Hamburg, Germany, and has a strong presence in Europe, as well as a growing presence in the EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions.


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