Joint forces in the development of an aviation biokerosene value chain in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

BE-Basic, SkyNRG and KLM to join Plataforma Mineira de Bioquerosene

Belo Horizonte, Brazil – Today BE-Basic and its Dutch partners KLM and SkyNRG signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Brazilian State Minas Gerais, to join forces in the development of an aviation biokerosene value chain in the state of Minas Gerais. The importance of the development of biofuels as a strategic element to the future of aviation, lies in its capacity of reducing the dependency on fossil fuels, of reducing the logistic costs and of reducing the greenhouse gases emissions.

BE-Basic, SkyNRG and KLM are now officially partners of the Plataforma Mineira de Bioquerosene, founded in March 2014 by Minas Gerais, civil aviation and agriculture stakeholders, and research institutes. Together with Brazilian platform members such as Amyris, Azul, Boeing, Embraer, Gol, RSB, Solazyme and UFMG, the new Dutch members will stimulate the development of sustainable biofuels for the aviation sector. Activities within this platform cover the complete value chain, from innovation in feedstock, sustainable production technologies to boost the demand for bio jet fuels and to increase public awareness.

Through the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the civil aviation sector is commited to an ambitious reduction of its environmental impact: carbon neutral growth until 2020 and a 50% reduction in GHG until 2050. Besides innovations in airplane technology, bio jet fuels play a crucial role in achieving such ambitions.

With Brazil on its way to become the 4th biggest domestic air traffic market, the State of Minas Gerais sees major opportunities for socioeconomic and sustainable development of the state and the country. “We foresee that working with the new Dutch platform members will accelerate our strong ambitions to supply the global demand of the Civil Aviation with significant quantities of sustainable jet fuel. We want to ensure we can meet the short and long term future demand from customers, airports and authorities” says Mr. Rogerio Neri, Secretary of Economic Development of the State of Minas Gerais.

For BE-Basic, SkyNRG and KLM, this new partnership offers both scientific and economic opportunities. Luuk van der Wielen (Chair of the BE-Basic Board): “We are proud to extend our Brazilian partnerships by teaming up with the ambitious Plataforma de Bioquerosene. We have seen the power to accelerate innovation by focused public private partnerships; connecting great science and technology to create new business opportunities. In Minas Gerais ingredients for success are present, and we are proud and happy to contribute”.

Dirk Kronemeijer CEO of SkyNRG states “We feel the momentum for bio jet is accelerating in Brazil. This is being backed up by new technologies & certification schemes kicking in which will further improve the long term business case. We are therefore excited to help develop the Minas Gerais opportunity leveraging our global Bio Port experience”

“KLM is pleased to be part of the development of biojet fuel in Brazil, together with our Brazilian partners such as GOL and Embraer, and the important and highly valued support from the federal and state governments, such as Minas Gerais. Together we can achieve the goal of producing biojet fuel at competitive prices, both in Brazil and in The Netherlands” according to Marcel Kuijn, Commercial Director of Air France KLM in Brazil.

Consolidation of a bioport is one of the objectives of Minas Gerais. The new Dutch platform members will share their experiences with the recent installation of BioPort Holland, which long term targets as producing 1 million ton of bio jet fuel in 2020 and short term targets as supplying 1% of KLM’s entire fleet with sustainable jet fuel by the year 2015.


BE-Basic, press release, 2014-10-23.


Azul Airlines
GOL Airlines
Governo de Minas Gerais
KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines
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University Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG)


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