Join the Biocomposite Recycling Industry Group (BRIG)!

What is BRIG and what will it do?

The plan is to set up an industry driven initiative, which considers all stakeholders including the regulators, to recognise the importance of new materials such as biocomposites and promote the recycling thereof. The group should work actively as a recognised and representative industry body that aims to jointly develop the framework conditions of biocomposites in the market in order to create acceptance. One of the goals is that the same recycling opportunities afforded to traditional materials are afforded to biocomposites.19-09-10-Biocomposites-small eng

Applications in focus would be diverse, ranging from packaging, automotive, construction and general goods, especially injection-moulded applications. The regional focus will be the EU-27.


 Who is behind this initiative and who should join?

The initiative has been developed jointly by Stora Enso and Sappi with the aim to promote the recycling of biocomposites. Once the group is created, all willing members should be equally responsible and validated to decide on the future direction of the initiative.

Producers and users of biocomposites as well as recycling companies should join as interested and affected parties. As recyclability is starting to be one of the key decision-making factors in many markets within Europe, efforts to create a working recycling system for biocomposites will support market acceptance of those materials as one of the sustainable alternatives to fossil-based plastics. Without effective recycling systems, the growth of the biocomposite market in the EU could be compromised. Participating companies would benefit from group advocacy as opposed to single company activity.

What is expected from organisations that join BRIG?

Initially, participation in meetings and regular exchange is expected in order to set up a working industry body, however it will be up to the group to decide how much commitment is needed from participants. In order to drive the agenda of the group it is likely that financial and in-kind contributions will be necessary as well as participation in meetings with key stakeholders.

The aim is to get the cooperation started in Q1 – Q2 2021.
To this end, we invite you to the first online meeting for the formation of the industry group on 25 February 2021, 14h CET.

The work will be conducted in accordance with EU competition law.


If you are interested to join the meeting or have follow-up questions, please get in touch:

Asta Partanen, nova-Institute
Matthew Smith, Stora Enso
Matt Spence, Sappi


nova-Institut GmbH, 2021-01-08.


nova-Institut GmbH
Sappi Global
Stora Enso


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