JELU: Bioplastic for board manufacture

JELUPLAST® product group consists of food-safe polypropylene (PP) and wood fibres

At this year’s FAKUMA, the most important plastics processing trade fair in Europe, the German company JELU presents a new product in the form of a newly developed biocomposite that can be processed to produce stable boards. The material of the JELUPLAST® product group consists of food-safe polypropylene (PP) and wood fibres. The compound is a bioplastic of the new generation that is particularly environmental-friendly. It is:

• formaldehyde-free

• chlorine-free

• phenol-free

• neutral in odour

• moisture-resistant

• recyclable

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-23 um 08.34.46Boards made from the new bioplastic from JELU are very solid and have very good ambient sound characteristics. JELUPLAST® can be processed to make interior furniture, garden furniture, door panels and many other items. The bioplastic can also be used in injection moulding to manufacture objects such as technical components, toys, kitchenware and many more products.

Bioplastic from JELU

For its JELUPLAST® bioplastics, JELU makes use exclusively of fibres obtained from selected woods that have uniquely defined properties. Only processed fibres that meet certain criteria, such as having a fixed grain size and being of the same type of wood, are used. This allows JELU to reliably set the biocomposite’s physical-mechanical properties to specific values. Bioplastics from JELU can be processed using injection moulding and extrusion as well as compression moulding. The compounds satisfy the German standards for use in foods and toys.


About JELU company

JELU is a medium-sized company that has been managed by the Ehrler family for more than two generations. The biocomposites from JELU consist of plastics, natural fibres and additives. Because of the innovative manufacturing process, the granulates are heavily condensed and have special properties: they have extraordinarily good mechanical characteristics and can be consistently processed on the machine due to their good flow behaviour. The company produces premixed compounds and manufactures customised granulates with different filler concentrations and alternating additives according to the customers’ needs. JELU offers WCP blends based on polyethylene, polypropylene, thermoplastic starch and other plastics. The fibres are either wood fibres or cellulose fibres.



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JELU, press release, 2014-08-21.