Japan chemical firms speed up renewable R&D through joint venturess

More investments made by Japanese companies in other parts of Asia but bioplastic manufacturing to remain limited

Japanese chemical companies such as Mitsubishi Chemical Company (MCC), Mitsui & Co., Toray Industries and Kuraray among others, are searching upstream in their quest for alternative petrochemical feedstocks and sustainable chemistry through development collaborations with several US renewable chemical firms.

Japan mainly imports its petroleum-based raw materials, so is dependent on the price of oil. Renewable chemicals could give its firms a chance to re-establish their position in the industry, says Shigeru Handa, general manager of the sustainable resource business development department at MCC’s petrochemicals research and development (R&D) division.

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Keywords: chemical feedstock, carbon chains, chemical market, renewable chemicals, sugarcane, bio-butanol


ICIS.com, 2011-10-21.


BioAmber Inc.
Dow Chemical Company
Geno (formerly Genomatica, Inc.)
Gevo Inc.
Jim Lunt & Associates LLC
Kuraray Co., Ltd.
Lux Research, Inc.
Mazda Motor Corporation
Mitsubishi Chemical
Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited
Toray Industries Inc.
Toyota Tsusho Corp.


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