It’s time for the Business Directory for Innovative Biomaterials

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The Business directory for Innovative Biomaterials BIB’09 will provide all prospective customers a comprehensive survey of the total market of novel biomaterials: producers and suppliers of biomaterials and the products, manufactured from biomaterials take centre stage.

The term “biomaterials” has been established for only a few years and encompasses a wide range of new bio-based materials. Biomaterials are materials which are based on agricultural raw materials or timber, either completely or to relevant proportion. Typical agricultural raw materials – in this context also called “Renewable Resources”– are for example starch, sugar, vegetable oils and cellulose (timber, natural fibres, straw) and special bio-molecules such as lignin or natural rubber. The proportion of these agricultural raw materials in the material should be at least 20%.

In contrast to traditional biomaterials such as particle boards or plywood, “novel” or “innovative” biomaterials are often converted by modern plastic processing procedures such as extrusion, injection moulding, deep drawing or blown film.

After more than twenty years of research and development, biomaterials have exhibited an increasing market potential during the last five years and they are also beginning to establish on the mass market, based on special applications. However, they still share the challenge of all innovative newcomers; They entail high investments and are, in their multiplicity, little-known by decision-makers from industry and policy, as well as consumers. With the release of the Business Directory, the initiator of BIB’09 offers a combined platform for all biomaterials.

Each company listed in BIB’09 provides ongoing biomaterials and accordant products in relevant amounts on the market. Beside producers also suppliers of raw materials, engineering companies, organisations and research facilities, which operate in the rough area of biomaterials, will be affiliated in BIB’09.

BIB’09 will be released by the nova-Institut GmbH, the communications agency Scheben Scheurer & Partner GmbH (SSP) and the University of Applied Sciences Bremen (Professorship Biological Materials/ BIONIK). The circulation figure of the BIB’09 will be at least 5.000, it will be available for free.

Use this opportunity for promotion now! Further information, how to contact the publisher of BIB’09 and the registration form can be found on the website

The BIB’09 will be launched at the International Congress on Raw Material Shift & Biomaterials, December 3rd and 4th 2008, in Cologne.

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