Inolex Launches New, Natural Emollients for Personal Care Made with BioAmber Succinic Acid

LexFeel N range of fluids are 100% natural, readily-biodegradable, non-GMO, eco-certified and sustainable

Inolex, a leader in the development of innovative ingredients for the personal care and cosmetics industries has launched a new range of 100% natural and sustainable emollients, using bio-based succinic acid from BioAmber. These succinate emollients have the highly appealing and differentiated sensory feel of silicone fluids, including feeling silky, powdery, light, dry and non-greasy to the touch. This sensory experience meets the modern consumer’s hygiene and beauty needs, giving the clean, dry and natural feeling consumers want from their personal care routine.

The market for personal care esters is valued at over $500 million. The new succinate emollients are highly-versatile because of their sensory properties and outstanding ability to disperse pigments. These fluids can be used in skin care, hair care, color and antiperspirant products to provide shine and a light fast-drying emolliency. These emollients are suitable as alternatives to silicone fluids for improving skin-feel, as well as enhancing shine and texture in hair care products. In natural formulations, they can be used to reduce the greasiness of natural oils.

Inolex are commercializing a range of succinate technologies as natural silicone alternatives; the LexFeel N range of fluids feel like silicones, yet unlike silicones, they are 100% natural, readily-biodegradable, non-GMO, eco-certified and sustainable.

Daniel Winn, Business Director, Inolex says, “The new range of biosuccinic acid-based fluids offers an unprecedented opportunity to provide the benefits of silicones in an all-natural format with a sensory experience that is a close match to the modern consumer’s hygiene and beauty needs.

Babette Pettersen, SVP Marketing & Sales, BioAmber says, “These emollients demonstrate the versatility of biobased succinic acid in providing performance solutions for a range of personal care applications. Our partnership with Inolex illustrates the benefits of joint application development work to create innovative new products, combining BioAmber’s expertise and commercial capability in biosuccinic acid and Inolex’s expertise and market access in the personal care market.”

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About Inolex
Inolex is one of the world’s leading independent personal care ingredient companies. They are known for their market-based approach, providing ingredients that tackle the greatest formulation challenges and consumer needs. Inolex’s more recent creations have included preservative-free technology, natural ingredients as alternatives to traditional chemicals, and high performance excipients that enable optimal formulation of suncare products. Inolex offers customers formulation expertise, market-ready systems, and jointly developed solutions that bring optimal benefits to the cosmetic consumer.

About BioAmber Inc.
BioAmber is a next generation chemicals company. Its proprietary technology platform combines industrial biotechnology and chemical catalysis to convert renewable feedstock into chemicals for use in a wide variety of everyday products including plastics, nylons, food additives and personal care products.

Inolex Contact
Daniel Winn, PhD
Business Director
Phone: +1 215-320-1549

BioAmber Contact
Kristine Weigal
VP Business Development, Americas
Phone: +1 708-625-4488


BioAmber, Inc., press release, 2012-09-06.


BioAmber Inc.


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