Industrial Hemp in strong upturn

World hemp conference with record participation. Cultivation areas in Europe and Canada at highest acreage in 30 year

On 20th and 21st May 2015, 260 industrial hemp experts from 38 countries met in Wesseling Germany for the 12th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association” (, the largest event on industrial hemp worldwide.

The industrial hemp business is growing every year. The strong fibres are used for insulation materials and biocomposites, mainly in automotive interiors. Hemp food products are increasing in market volume and with the extraction of Cannabidiol (CBD) for pharmaceutical applications, farmers can maximise profits.

In Europe, 18,300 ha of industrial hemp were cultivated and processed in 2014, much more than in the previous years. In 2015 a further increase to more than 22,000 ha has already been reported: this is a record cultivation area since growing began 30 years ago. More and more European countries are starting to cultivate Hemp. The major part of this increase is due to organic hemp seed production for the food market and the new demand for CBD. In addition the increasing demand for fibres demonstrates the great versatility of the plant.

A comprehensive carbon footprint study by the German nova-Institute demonstrated that different natural fibres show a similar and very low carbon footprint compared to glass or mineral fibres. John Hobson, President of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) informed the participants that European hemp fibres will soon be the first natural fibre worldwide with an established sustainability certification. Hemp shivs and seeds will also receive this certificate.

All presentations of this year’s conference along with previous conferences are available for members only. Becoming a member is easy and costs only 300 €/year. More information on industrial hemp and membership:

Dominik Vogt
European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)
 c/o nova-Institute
Phone +49 (0)2233-48 14 49


European Industrial Hemp Association, press release, 2015-06-08.


European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)
nova-Institut GmbH


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