Industrial Hemp Growers Pursue Fibre Processing Plant in Canada

A group of industrial hemp growers had some difficult decisions to make a year ago. Their dream of a hemp processing plant was in tatters following the demise of Consolidated Growers and Processors, a company that seemed determined to be a dominant player in Canada’s hemp industry. When CGP collapsed last year, the growers found themselves sitting on mounds of unsold hemp seed and fibre. One option was to sell the seed and unprocessed fibre at any price and walk away from the hemp industry. The other option was to tough it out and rebuild the dream of a viable industrial hemp industry – complete with a processing plant – in the parkland region of western Manitoba. The growers decided to tough it out. “I guess we’re stubborn farmers”, says Joe Federowich, chair of the Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers Co-op, a group that planted 2,500 acres of hemp this year. “We’re all getting together, putting our shoulders together and trying to push this thing through.” Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers wants to build a $15 million hemp processing plant at Dauphin, Man.


Mehr Informationen zu CGP, vgl. Meldung vom 22.02.-01.03.2000.