In-house Workshop: Mass Balance and Free Allocation Approach (MBFA)

In-house workshop for your companies, associations, policy makers and NGOs - ask all your questions and express all your concerns about mass balance

Michael Carus is founder and managing director of the nova-Institute and executive manager of the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI). He will present and discuss all aspects of the Mass Balance & Free Allocation Approach. What does it really mean? What is the public, political and brand acceptance? Can it be accused of green washing? How to certify? Needs and benefits as well as negative impacts of MBFA. You can send your questions before the workshop.

1,5 h online: 1000 € net
On site: Depending on location and duration

Please contact Brigitte Hellwig for concrete offer and date find:

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Other topics on demand! Our more than 40 experts share their expertise with you and your team. We discuss and evaluate your focus points. Your in-house workshop customised to your needs.


nova-Institut, press release, 2023-07-19.


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