The PULP2VALUE project was awarded with the BBI award for the highest number of cross-sectoral interconnections

As coordinator of the project, Royal COSUN (NL) received the award from Philippe Mengal, BBI JU Executive Director on the BBI JU Stakeholder Forum 2019

P2V_The second edition of the Stakeholder Forum was a one-day public event that brought together the bio-based industries community to have an open discussion on the impact, achievements and strategic direction of the programme of Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) as well as to present the latest developments in the field of bio-based industries.

Philippe Mental, BBI JU Executive Director, awarded the PULP2VALUE project with a prize for the highest number of cross-sector interconnections (KPI 1 of the BBI JU) on the BBI JU Stakeholder Forum 2019 in Brussels. For the award there were 4 nominees from over 100 projects.

 About the PULP2VALUE project

In 2015, Royal COSUN, coordinator of the project and one of the leading companies in terms of sugar beet processing in Europe received funding from the public-private partnership Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) for the demonstration project ‘PULP2VALUE’. Within the framework of the project, the company designed and constructed the first sugar beet pulp biorefinery to create more valuable products from this side-stream, which is usually further valorised as low value feed and/or biogas.

So, the PULP2VALUE approach demonstrates for the first time an integrated and cost-effective cascading biorefinery system for refining sugar beet pulp and isolating high-quality products for detergents, personal care products, oil and gas, paints and coatings, and composites. Therefore, many industrial; cross sectoral and value chain collaborations, such as for food and feed, chemical industry, paints and detergents or personal care, paper, Oil and gas are existing.

What does the price mean for the PULP2VALUE project?

Gerald Engelen, coordinator of the demonstration project is very happy about the award: “The prize is a great recognition for our hard work of the last 4 four years. Cross-sectoral collaboration is very important for successful development of bio-based innovations and value chains. We knew that already when we started, it was in our plan. So, it’s great that we also succeeded doing this during the implementation of P2V. We are happy that we were allowed to go on this journey with such excellent partners and are very glad about the outcome of the project. Although P2V ended in July 2019 it’s certainly not the end of the activities, We are working on development of the supply chains towards commercialisation and the actual scale up and integration of the processes developed during the project”.


nova-Institute, press release, 2020-01-20.


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