iBIB & Agrobiobase: Partnership agreement signed to give clients the best bio-based solutions!

Make sure right now that you are in the forthcoming iBIB2012!Make sure right now that you are in the forthcoming iBIB2012!

The private research and consultant nova-Institute, based in Huerth (Germany), and the French Competitiveness Cluster Industries and Agro-Resources (IAR) in Laon (France) have signed a partnership agreement involving services to develop a bio-based economy, to give their subscribers additional benefits and to provide potential customers with the best available bio-based solutions on the fast-growing market in bio-based materials.

Together the two organisations offer several leading sources of market information.
The International Business Directory for Innovative Bio-based Plastics and Composites (iBIB) published by nova-Institute (www.nova-institute.eu) and bioplastics MAGAZINE (www.bioplastics-cms.de/bioplastics/) is an established feature of the market. The 2011 issue presents 70 leading producers of bio-based materials, as well as associations and research institutes with their products and services. It is distributed in book, PDF and database form (www.bio-based.eu/iBIB) to more than 30,000 potential clients worldwide. Over 100 subscribers are expected for the new issue. Make sure right now that you are in the forthcoming iBIB2012! (www.bio-based.eu/iBIB/order/booknow)

The Agrobiobase developed by the IAR cluster is the showcase of bio-based products.
This website currently lists more than 200 biochemicals and biomaterials available internationally. Access to the biomaterial database is free and, with 100 hits daily, customers can find detailed information about every bio-based material including bio-based plastics, natural fibres and bio-composites (www.agrobiobase.com/-Biomaterials-database-). IAR will start charging suppliers for listing their products in 2012.

The partnership agreement offers subscribers greater visibility:
Subscribers to both iBIB and Agrobiobase will be automatically cross-linked between the two and will receive furthermore a discount on their subscription (immediately for iBIB and from 2012 for Agrobiobase).
Potential customers can easily switch from the iBIB business directory (full description of raw material suppliers, producers of bio-based materials and relevant associations and research institutes) to Agrobiobase (detailed information about their bio-based materials), and vice versa.

Nova-Institute and bioplastics MAGAZINE, publisher of the iBIB, are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with IAR’s Agrobiobase that should support solid and sustainable growth in the bio-based economy through easier access to the best international bio-based solutions.

nova-Institute for Ecology and Innovation
Chemiepark Knapsack
Industriestrasse 300,
50354 Huerth (Germany)
Phone: +49 (0) 2233-48 14 40
E-Mail: contact@nova-institut.de

Jean Bausset, Project Agrobiobase
Phone: +33 (0) 3 23 24 92 03
E-Mail: bausset@iar-pole.com

Download this press release as PDF file: 11-12-05 agrobiobaseI BIB2012engl


nova-Institut GmbH, press release, 2011-11-28.


bioplastics MAGAZINE (Zeitschrift)
IAR - Pole de Competitivité Industrie et Agro-Ressources
nova-Institut GmbH


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