IBAW becomes “European Bioplastics”

The industry association widens focus and launches new website

The industry association IBAW has re-named itself “European Bioplastics“. Members have also changed several articles of the association. The new focus is the representation of its members’ interests on a European level.

Member companies are engaged in the manufacture, application or recycling of bioplastic products. The term “bioplastic” is used by the association to designate biodegradable polymers that comply with the EN standard 13432 and for non-biodegradable polymers that are based on agricultural feedstocks.

The increased use of renewable raw materials as a replacement of fossil resources is an important goal of the organisation. It promotes the development, production, commercialisation and recovery of bioplastics in order to contribute to sustainable development and a closed loop economy. The association is launching its new website www.european-bioplastics.org today.

IBAW, which was founded in 1993, was transformed in its entirety into European Bioplastics by a decision of the general assembly on 2 November 2005, which was recently recorded at the Register of Associations in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

“We will now concentrate on assisting the market introduction of bioplastics in Europe”, explains chairman Harald Kaeb.

The market development of bioplastic products has been showing high growth rates for several years. Today it is increasingly benefitting from the price increases in conventional plastics and ongoing discussions on fossil resources.

The association almost doubled the number of members to 60 over the past 18 months. Apart from leading resin manufacturers and converters, the association also comprises industrial end users such as Danone, Kraft Foods and Nestlé.

The membership of agricultural feedstock and recycling companies means that European Bioplastics represents all sectors involved in the value chain.

“During market introduction the framework conditions play a very important role”, Kaeb continues, and “many companies are therefore looking for a strong platform to represent their interests”. The association will provide factual and reliable information regarding the material innovation.

The IBAW website has been completely reworked and re-launched under the new name www.european-bioplastics.org. European Bioplastics is currently planning two events in Brussels. An important part of the new activities will be the building of a network of stakeholders from the bioplastics industry in European member states.

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Press Release of European Bioplastics Association May 09, 2006.