High barrier biobased flexible packaging: welcome Propylester Ingeo

The Metalvuoto metallized and coated film with excellent high barrier properties can be considered as valid replacement to aluminium foil

Two companies, one target: high barrier biobased structures for long shelf life pouch market. That’s why Metalvuoto and NatureWorks are working together for packaging simplification, with their brands, Oxaqua® and Ingeo™, looking to move from complex multilayer laminates to simpler packaging solutions without compromising shelf life.

Ingeo™ PLA comes from natural plastic from plants, not from oil, and Oxaqua®, contrary to traditional multilayer films and chlorine-based coatings, is eco-friendly, allowing the reduction of the packaging’s thickness and weight.

Thanks to Ingeo and Oxaqua properties, Propylester – the Metalvuoto metallized and coated film with excellent high barrier properties that can be considered as a valid alternative to aluminium foil – today can be certified as compostable and as recyclable with paper (ATICELCA MC 501/13).

The film allows a layer pouch with performance matching that of prior 3-layer pouches, with excellent barrier to aroma and oily contents, with good metal adhesion, excellent sealability properties, high stiffness, HFFS or VFFS applications, Oxygen permeability < 0.75 cc/m2x24h and Water Vapor permeability < 2.5 g/m2x24h.

Metalvuoto will give a presentation on the new possibilities this technology offers for the pouch market at Innovation Takes Root, the global Ingeo users’ forum, March 30 – April 1 in Orlando, Florida. ITR is a three-day event bringing together global Ingeo channel partners from the entire bioplastic value chain to learn more about the latest developments in new products, applications, processing, and converting, amidst a broader global perspective of social trends and policy initiatives.

Metalvuoto will be in Orlando on the first of April with its Executive Manager, Gianni Costanzo. Costanzo is one of the plenary speakers describing in Orlando their vision for sustainable materials innovation. “Oxaqua® biocoating, sustainable solution in the flexible packaging”: this will be the speech by Metalvuoto’s Executive Manager.

Fully renewable performance barrier structure with bio coating on a biofilm: this is Propylester Ingeo, a bio solution for the defence of the environment and for the protection of public health. Research and innovation, bio-sustainability and constant attention to customer requirements: welcome Propylester Ingeo, our road into future. Let’s make it together.



Metalvuoto, NatureWorks, common press release, 2016-03-11.


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