Hiendl mounting profile system sortiment wins Design Plus Award

Composites made of polypropylene and up to 70% domestic natural fibres

Dear Sir or Madam,
we are pleased to inform you that the Hiendl mounting profile system sortiment was awarded the Design Plus Award by the Frankfurt Messe in cooperation with the German Design Council on 25 May 2011. Since 2005, during the biennial international trade fair Material Vision, the award is presented for materials, semi-finished products and products whose fabrication applies innovative materials or processes. The avoidance of environmentally harmful materials, energy-intensive fabrication processes or the recyclability of materials are major criteria for the selection process.

bildAmong this year’s 32 awardees is the Hiendl MP system sortiment, which is made of the fibre reinforced plastic Hiendl NFC®. The material consisting of 30% polypropylene and 70% domestic natural fibres was specifically developed by Hiendl. With a flexural strength of more than 70 N/mm2 and a bending modulus of more than 5.500 N/mm2 this bio-based material exceeds the properties of pure polypropylene remarkably and can keep up with conventional metal profiles in many applications. Apart from the excellent material properties the new profile system offers a significantly improved eco balance, compared to aluminum profiles. In direct comparison the Hiendl system cuts primary energy use by 75% and causes to 90% lower CO2 emissions.

Its simple and functional design makes the profile system a universal and flexibly modifiable building block system, which is well suitable for the home sector as well as industrial applications. The mounting profiles are available in three different sizes (30 x 30, 45 x 45 and 90 x 45) and through-colour in many different colours. The standardized grid dimension and groove width provide the wide-ranging usability of the profiles and the compatibility with common commercial systems and accessories. Moreover the material is light, non-corroding, can be worked like wood and, due to the production process, always offers ready-for-use surfaces. Special material properties, like the low thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation properties or the magnetic neutrality qualify the metal free Hiendl MP alternative also for special applications (e.g. setup for EMC measurements).

The H. Hiendl GmbH & Co. KG, located in Bogen/Furth in Lower Bavaria, is a modern producer and service provider in the field of plastics technology. The company fabricates products and components in injection moulding and extrusion processes. For several years it also is intensively involved in the development of innovative materials. The main focus of all R & D activities lies on a qualitative oriented application of renewable resources. One proof of success of this commitment is the product line Hiendl NFC®.

This text and pictures to be downloaded here (PDF-document)


nova-Institut GmbH, press release, 2011-05-27.


Hiendl Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG


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