HallStar expands organics portfolio with Florasolvs® natural esters acquisition

Specialty chemistry company acquires Florasolvs® natural esters line from FloraTech

The HallStar Company, a Chicago-based specialty chemistry company, is pleased to announce a strategic expansion of its natural functional ingredients portfolio with the recent acquisition of the Florasolvs® natural esters product line of specialty ingredients from FloraTech, a globally renowned provider of botanically-derived ingredients.

“Today’s savvy consumers demand the best of both worlds—an assurance of trusted, natural ingredients with functional properties for personal care products,” states John Paro, president and CEO, The HallStar Company. “Investing in ingredients such as Florasolvs® natural esters is a win-win for our valued customers, who want to develop only the most unique products to distinguish their hair and skin care formulations from others in competitive consumer markets.”

Florasolvs® esters join a growing portfolio of The HallStar Company’s organically derived products that deliver functional benefits. The Florasolvs® series brand bolsters the company’s growing line of products for the naturals segment in the personal care ingredient industry—and strengthens their position to serve the burgeoning market for personal care products featuring renewable natural ingredients. This recent acquisition is one in a series The HallStar Company has completed toward expanding its natural functional ingredients portfolio. In 2011, the company acquired Italy-based B&T Company, a worldwide leader in olive-based performance ingredients for use in personal care products, and BioChemica International, a leading developer of exotic butters and oils.

“We pride ourselves on delivering customized, cost-effective solutions for our customers. Our focus is on addressing their unique needs by staying on the forefront as a leader in the dynamic ester chemistry industry,” adds Paro. “Through holistic growth and product development we aim to continue providing unique, technically sound and sustainable solutions that empower customers to pursue their innovations with confidence. The Florasolvs® natural esters acquisition expands on The HallStar Company’s commitment to invest in developing our natural ingredients platform to brighten the future for new generations of organic products.”

The HallStar Company’s most recent acquisition includes the FloraTech trade names and proprietary manufacturing technology for the Florasolvs®-series brand natural esters, including the PEG-150 Hydrogenated Jojoba, PEG-120 Jojoba, PEG-80 Jojoba, PEG-16 Macadamia, and PEG-10 Sunflower product lines.

Derived from botanical sources, the Florasolvs®-series brand natural esters provide excellent skin and hair enhancing properties and proven formulations unique to the competitive natural organics market. Complementing The HallStar Company’s other natural functional ingredients portfolio, the Florasolvs® product line has a trusted reputation for delivering functional benefits to personal product formulations, including skin care and hair care.


The HallStar Company, press release, 2014-08-04.