Ground-breaking bio-based dry cleaning solvent to be produced by Green Biologics and Kreussler Chemicals

World-wide patented SOLVONK4 is the first and only bio-based solvent in the dry cleaning industry

We’re proud to partner with Green Biologics, Inc. to produce bio-based SYSTEMK4. Green Biologics will use their patented fermentation process to take locally-grown feedstocks fromfamily-owned Americanfarms and convert it through a low-energy, minimal waste process into the bio-based n-butanol used to produce SOLVONK4, the main solvent in the SYSTEMK4 dry cleaning process. SOLVONK4 will now be sustainable and bio-based while retaining the award-winning cleaning attributes of the original formula.

World-wide patented SOLVONK4 is the first and only bio-based solvent in the dry cleaning industry. Kreussler is actively applying for the USDA BioPreferred® certification. As defined by the USDA, bio-based products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials and provide an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products. Bio-based products include diverse categories such as lubricants, cleaning products, inks, fertilizers, and bioplastics.

“We are pleased to be working in conjunction with Kreussler to bring SYSTEMK4 bio-based dry-cleaning solution to market. This is an excellent example of how we specialize in collaborating with a market leader to leverage our renewable specialty chemicals platform in new and unique applications to deliver value to customers.”said Peter O’Loughlin, Vice President of Global Sales, Green Biologics.

Richard Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Kreussler Inc. said, “This next step for SYSTEMK4 adds a critical and significant advantage for our clients, the ability to market a bio-derived and sustainable cleaning fluid. Green Biologics advanced developments in fermentation has given us the ability to push solvent-based textile cleaning into a new level and completes the picture of unparalleled cleaning, cost effective operations, extremely low risk and true ecological


Green Biologics, press release, 2018-05-31.


Green Biologics


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