GOBILAB uses Gaïalene® plant-based resinfor the coloured tags of its range of Gobi bottles

GOBILAB has chosen Roquette plant-based resin for their Gobi reusable water bottles

gobiLABEco-designed as a sustainable and appealing solution, the friendly Gobi bottle can replace hundreds of single-use polystyrene plastic cups or hundreds of conventional water bottles used every year. This bottle used on a daily basis, save wastes and costs in companies or at home.

Fully manufactured in France, this water bottle is reusable and holds 400 ml, the equivalent of 3 disposable cups. This Gobi bottle combines a transparent body with a colourful tag and an insert to display a personalized logo or message, allowing users to customize their Gobi bottle. This bottle was a major innovation on the market due to the earliest use of a BPA free alternative to polycarbonate for the body, meeting market demands and customer concerns.

In line with this approach, GOBILAB innovate again by switching for an alternative safe and green solution for the removable base of the bottle. The base is a critical part of the bottle eliminating risks of tipping and spilling. Made out in the past of a TPU resin (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), this base is from now on produced using Gaïalene®, a fully recyclable plant-based resin supplied by ROQUETTE.

“Our goal was to raise societal awareness of environmental issues by offering sustainable alternatives to traditional products. We are looking every day for innovations having the lowest impact on the environment. This is why we have chosen to replace the original fossil based TPU with Gaïalene®. This resin has a very interesting ecological profile allowing a massive carbon footprint reduction compared to TPU. We could not choose a better option!” says Samuel DEGREMONT, one of three GOBILAB founders.

As all Gaïalene® resins, this reference chosen by GOBILAB is obtained from renewable resources. Thanks to photosynthesis and a sustainable production process, this reference reduces by at least 20 times the CO2 emissions compared to a TPU resin. Moreover, this very flexible reference allow replacement of elastic resins previously produced from fossil-based elastomeric materials offering also lightweighting options with a reduced density.

GOBILAB reusable bottles are widely available online and in stores, for customers and companies. New colors are frequently added to increase customization options.

GOBILAB, is an independent business run by three entrepreneurs. It was created in June 2010 to give birth to Gobi : our idea to replace disposable cups and bottles. We want Gobilab to be a creative and participatory business. Ultimately, our ambition is to propose new, innovative alternatives for products and services whose environmental impact is too heavy or that do not have enough social value.

ROQUETTE, a French family group with an international dimension, processes renewable raw materials: maize, wheat, potatoes, peas and microalgae. Among the 5 global leaders in the starch manufacturing industry, it offers its customers a wide range of products and solutions in the fields of human nutrition, pharmacy-cosmetology, paper-board, chemistry-bioindustry and animal nutrition. Present in over 100 countries, Roquette has a turnover of 3.1 billion euros. The group employs more than 7 800 people. Its development, focused on health nutrition and plant-based chemistry, is based on a strategy giving preference to the long-term, innovation and the commitment to achieve. Its mission:  “Serve men and women by offering the best of nature”


ROQUETTE, press release, 2013-10-11.




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