Glycerine prices poised to spike upwards?

In the company site of Dow,, was published the following press release: QUOTE Further Glycerine hikes?
Are Glycerine prices poised to spike upwards to levels of the previous peaks? In the year 2000, prices peaked between 80 and 90c/lb (according to ICIS-LOR). Before that the previous peak was during 1995/6, when prices went over 100c/lb. Industry watchers are reporting that bad weather and flooding in Asia and Europe have reduced availability of higher quality vegetable glycerine.

This compounds some lingering production issues that Dow Chemical has incurred due to bad weather in Texas during the hurricane season, as well as shortages of raw materials. Dow Chemical reports an increase in requests for its higher quality OPTIM grade Glycerine but simply cannot satisfy customer demand and furthermore expects that this shortage of the highest quality grades will continue until summer 2003.

Source vom 2002-11-19.