Global Bioenergies launches Isonaturane® 16, its second cosmetic ingredient

The Company has now produced the first volumes of the new ingredient and starts offering them to its future customers, namely brand owners, manufacturers and distributors

At the 2023 In-Cosmetics Gobal trade show in Barcelona, Global Bioenergies announces the launch of its second cosmetic ingredient, Isonaturane® 16, a year after launching Isonaturane® 12 at In-Cosmetics Paris.

Isonaturane® 12 is the natural version of isododecane, a twelve-carbon molecule obtained by assembling three naturally sourced isobutene molecules produced by Global Bioenergies. During the synthesis of isododecane, some of the molecules combine not in threes but in fours. The result is isohexadecane, a sixteen-carbon molecule that is also widely used in cosmetics.

To bring value to this isododecane co-product, Global Bioenergies developed a purification process for the molecule, defined the technical specifications, commissioned toxicological studies from a recognised company in the field and obtained registration of the molecule under the REACh European regulatory system.

The Company has now produced the first volumes of the new ingredient and starts offering them to its future customers, namely brand owners, manufacturers and distributors. It now begins to market this new naturally sourced ingredient according to ISO 16128, produced exclusively in France under the trade name “Isonaturane® 16”.

Daphne Galvez, Global Bioenergies Commercial Director, said: “Isododecane is used in a wide range of product categories and is particularly known for being the key ingredient for all longwear, waterproof and transfer-free make-up. Isohexadecane is mainly used in skincare, where its texturing properties are similar to those of silicones. Isohexadecane can be a good substitute for them, helping to improve the environmental profile of finished products.”

Marc Delcourt, co-founder and CEO of Global Bioenergies, explained: “In terms of volume, isobutene accounts for roughly 5% of all cosmetic inputs. At least nine cosmetic ingredients are derived from it. By far the two biggest by volume are isododecane and isohexadecane, which is why we wanted to go down the value chain in order to produce and sell the actual ingredients for both molecules. Our priority today is to continue our efforts to scale up our bio-sourced isobutene production process to make it available at a decreasing cost for cosmetics applications, but also in other industrial sectors seeking as well to reduce their carbon footprint.”

About Global Bioenergies

Global Bioenergies converts plant-derived resources into compounds used in the cosmetics industry, as well as the energy and materials sectors. After launching the first long-lasting and natural make-up brand LAST® in 2021, Global Bioenergies is now marketing Isonaturane® 12, its key ingredient, to major cosmetics companies to improve the naturalness of their formulas whilst improving their carbon footprint. In the long run, Global Bioenergies is also aiming at cutting CO2 emissions in the aviation and road sector and thereby curb global warming. Global Bioenergies is listed on Euronext Growth Paris (FR0011052257 – ALGBE).


Global Bioenergies, press release, 2023-03-30.


Global Bioenergies


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