Georgia Gulf, Segetis To Collaborate on Bio-Based Materials

JavelinTM technology to offer bio-based plasticizers into a range of solutions

Georgia Gulf Corporation’s commitment to developing renewable materials to help end-use customers meet their sustainability goals took another step forward with the announcement today of an agreement to collaborate with Segetis, Inc. to offer a new flexible vinyl compound based on JavelinTM technology bio-plasticizers from Segetis.

“This is an exciting collaboration that combines Segetis’ proprietary technology with Georgia Gulf’s vinyl compounding expertise to customize formulations that deliver unique performance profiles,” said William H. Doherty, vice president – vinyl compounds at Georgia Gulf.

This is the second collaboration to develop bio-based flexible PVC compounds announced in 2012 by Georgia Gulf.

“The addition of the specialty bio-based plasticizers from Segetis expands our sustainable product portfolio and underscores our commitment to offer a range of solutions to our customers that are free of phthalates and heavy metals,” Doherty said.

The Segetis bio-based plasticizers are built on an exciting new platform of cellulosic-based levulinic ketals, which Segetis has branded as JavelinTM technology. These plasticizers are compatible across a wide loading range, are highly efficient with excellent permanence and bring faster processing speeds and elevated temperature performance. Coupled with their ability to be 100-percent bio-based, all Segetis plasticizers bring low vapor pressure and low extractables, and they are broadly miscible with many resin families.

“We are extremely gratified to have won the confidence of Georgia Gulf Corporation and are excited to support Georgia Gulf’s sustainability goals with our performance plasticizers,” said Atul Thakrar, chief executive officer of Segetis.

“New technologies need champions, and Georgia Gulf is in a unique position to drive and influence change toward bio-based compounds in the flexible vinyl supply chain,” Thakrar said. “You cannot ask for a better champion in this business than one of the world’s most respected and admired compounders.”

Georgia Gulf has begun to introduce these new flexible compounds to manufacturers of toys and decorative construction materials, and the company continues to develop compounds for a growing range of applications.

“The bio-based compounds with the Segetis plasticizers are suitable for a variety of consumer and industrial end products that would benefit from a non-phthalate solution, but won’t compromise on their ability to deliver specific properties,” Doherty said.

About Segetis
Segetis is a technology-enabled green chemistry company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Segetis produces versatile, cost-effective chemical building blocks which harness the power and reliability of renewable agricultural and forestry resources. Powered by its JavelinTM technology, these proprietary materials are backed by a strong intellectual asset portfolio built on composition of matter patents and a team that leverages over 400 years of experience in new material and renewable technology commercialization. Segetis offers a portfolio of bio-based materials with a focus on Performance First and is transforming the chemical industry by offering unique material properties, cost effective economics and a dramatically improved health and environmental footprint. Specialty low VOC solvents and phthalate-free bio-based plasticizers are the first commercial products.

About Georgia Gulf
Georgia Gulf Corporation is a leading, integrated North American manufacturer of two chemical lines, chlorovinyls and aromatics, and manufactures vinyl-based building and home improvement products. The company’s vinyl-based building and home improvement products, marketed under the Royal Building Products and Exterior Portfolio brands, include window and door profiles, mouldings, siding, pipe and pipe fittings, and deck, fence and rail products. Georgia Gulf, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, has manufacturing facilities located throughout North America to provide industry-leading service to customers.

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