Geami Sustainable Packaging Materials Added to Esteemed Material ConeXion Library

Certificate of Excellence in Material Development award places Geami's materials in a resource used by packaging designers worldwide.

Packaging designers will now find Geami sustainable packaging materials featured at Material ConneXion, an ever-growing Materials Library featuring 5,000 materials designed to fulfill the design needs of packaging professionals worldwide. For brands like Adidas and Whole Foods, Material ConneXion is the go-to resource when designing the next generation of products and sustainable packaging.

A Certificate of Excellence in Material Development was awarded to Geami by an international panel of material experts based on their assessment of the company’s biodegradable packaging materials. As a result, Geami products will take their place in the Materials Library as a paper-based sustainable packaging alternative to plastic materials such as bubble packaging.

“We are honored that our biodegradable packaging materials have been approved for inclusion in this esteemed library,” says Marcelo Passos, Vice President of Geami. “This will introduce our product line to a larger audience of designers seeking sustainable packaging solutions,” added Passos.

Using Geami’s patented process, ordinary Kraft paper is converted into a honeycomb web of angled cells that when expanded and combined with an interleave paper, increases the loft of the original Kraft paper by 750 percent. The resulting biodegradable packaging materials provide impact deflection and shock absorption better than foams, bubble packaging and air pillows of equal volume. Additionally the company’s sustainable packaging materials provide environmental benefits not found in plastic protective packaging such as the use of renewable raw materials and recyclability.

“Our products are designed as a sustainable packaging alternative for protecting a wide range of products during the shipping process. Inclusion in the library opens the door to new markets and customers,” explains Passos.

About Geami
Geami® uses patented technology to create paper-based protective biodegradable packaging that prevents damage during the shipment of both fragile and non-fragile products. Founded in 1994 and based in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, Geami is a privately held company serving businesses of all sizes worldwide including Fortune 500 companies and Top 100 catalogers. Geami’s sustainable packaging products are 100 percent recyclable and serve as a cost-effective replacement for oil-based materials such as foams, bubble packaging and air pillows. Nearly 20,000 packages are shipped daily with their contents protected by Geami’s sustainable packaging materials.

About Material ConneXion®
Material ConneXion is a global materials consultancy and library of innovative and sustainable materials, including biodegradable packaging. Built on the belief that Every Idea Has A Material Solution™, Material ConneXion is the trusted advisor to Fortune 500s, smaller forward-thinking companies, and government agencies seeking a creative, competitive, or sustainable edge through strategic material selections. With offices in New York, Bangkok, Istanbul, Cologne, Milan and Daegu, Korea, Material ConneXion’s international network of specialists provides a global, cross-industry perspective on materials and their potential uses. Material ConneXion maintains the largest subscription-based Materials Library of innovative materials and processes in the world – a vital design tool and an indispensable asset to a wide audience of designers and architects and a vital design tool for the development of design, industry and economy.

Source, press release, 2011-05-05.


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