Game-changer from Northern Finland: A new folding boxboard to lead the charge in renewable packaging innovation

Produced with Stora Enso’s innovative FiberLight Tec, a technology that creates exceptionally light and strong board, Performa Nova is designed to be superiorly efficient

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Stora Enso’s brand-new board line in Oulu, Finland is well under way to completion. It brings with it a promise to introduce up to 750,000 tonnes of renewable packaging materials to the market, all sourced from well-managed forests. With the increased capacity to produce more premium renewable solutions, we will grow our support for food and beverage brand owners in answering consumers’ wishes for more sustainable packaging. In anticipation of the line’s startup in 2025, we’re introducing the first of such products, a new folding boxboard (FBB) that will take center stage in Oulu – Performa Nova. 

The promise of Performa Nova is all in the name. For years, our Performa product range has stood for exceptional performance, embodied by the strength and dependability of the material at a low weight. “Nova” signals a new era in fiber-based packaging, reflecting enhanced efficiency and product experience. Performa Nova is poised to redefine industry standards and consumer expectations.

Designed for efficiency 

Efficiency is the defining feature of packaging materials fit for the future. Efficient products require less raw material, ultimately creating savings in the whole packaging value chain.

Produced with Stora Enso’s innovative FiberLight Tec, a technology that creates exceptionally light and strong board, Performa Nova is designed to be superiorly efficient. This results in a high yield advantage, meaning brand owners can produce significantly more packages with less material.

Shaping a circular packaging future

It’s no secret that consumers want brand owners to place more effort into making their packaging more sustainable, and consumers in both the US and Europe favour carton over plastic. In fact, projections indicate that the global consumer board market continues to grow and will reach 11 million tonnes by 2030.  

As an alternative to fully plastic packaging, fresh fiber-based Performa Nova helps brand owners address consumers’ demands for renewable and circular materials across a variety of applications including, frozen, chilled, and dry food, as well as food service end-uses.

Brand owners know that selecting the right premium material is important for standing out on store shelves, communicating with consumers, and ultimately having their products chosen. Performa Nova gives packaged contents a boost with its outstanding printability and smooth surface – valuable eye-catching features that position brands to communicate their circularity commitments.

Elevated functionality

There are even more upsides to Performa Nova:

  • Widely accepted in recycling streams
  • Food-safe and adheres to industry standards regarding odour and taste
  • Can be paired with barrier solutions to resist moisture and grease
  • High stiffness and box compression, ensuring protection during transportation and handling

Performa Nova will be available in a wide range of grammages, from 200 to 315 g/m². While you wait for Performa Nova to make its debut, read more about what we have taking shape in Oulu.


Stora Enso, press release, 2024-05-28.


Stora Enso


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