Fulgar presents EVO® – the latest generation Hi-tech fibre made from castor-oil seed

Innovative high-performance fibre is ultra-light, super stretch and extremely breathable

Fulgar introduces a new way of producing fibres to interpret the needs and values of today’s society, creating a perfect synthesis of performance and environmental awareness.
Years of research into the highest engineering standards – in a manufacturing, environmental and social context – have led to the development of ‘EVO® by Fulgar’: an innovative high-performance fibre made of a biopolymer derived entirely from castor oil seed. This unique product – 100% biological – is set to revolutionise the sector.

Suitable for all textile applications and an ideal solution for the sportswear world, EVO® by Fulgar is ultra-light, super stretch and extremely breathable. It’s also quick-drying, non-iron and offers natural thermal and bacteriostatic properties. These distinctive values and benefits ensure maximum comfort and unmatched performance, while retaining an intense eco-awareness.

Its manufacture is supported by the cultivation of castor oil seeds that grow in arid regions not suited to other forms of agriculture. The biopolymer that forms the basic constituent of EVO® by Fulgar has no adverse impact on the human food chain, unlike many other bio-based polymers that use natural products otherwise destined for the food and agriculture sector.

EVO® by Fulgar – Technical pills:
• 100% biological origin – raw material: castor oil seeds
• Ultra-light
• Super-fast drying
• Maximum breathability
• Thermal insualtion
• Odor control and bacteriostatic action
• Non-iron


Fulgar, press release, 2015-10-26.