Frost & Sullivan Award for PLA Production Technology

Purac, Sulzer Chemtech and Synbra Technology receive Innovation of the Year Award for polymerization process

PURAC, a leading lactides producer for the bioplastics industry, has been awarded, together with its partners Sulzer Chemtech and Synbra Technology, the 2008 Frost & Sullivan European Polylactic Production Technology Innovation of the Year Award.

This prestigious award recognizes PURAC’s innovations in the area of polylactic acid based (PLA) bioplastics. Together with Sulzer Chemtech and Synbra Technology, PURAC has developed a new cost-effective polymerization process to produce high-quality polylactic acid from a renewable source which can subsequently be converted into a variety of value added applications such as expanded PLA based biofoam.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents the Technology Innovation of the Year Award to the company that has carried out new research which has resulted in innovation(s) that have or are expected to bring significant contributions to the industry. The award recognizes the quality and depth of a company’s research and development program as well as the vision and risk-taking that enables it to undertake such an endeavor.

“We are very proud to receive this Innovation of the Year Award together with our partners Sulzer Chemtech and Synbra Technology,” said PURAC Managing Director Fabrizio Rampinelli. “It acknowledges our break-through efforts in the creation of sustainable bioplastics solutions. This result has been possible only by combining the unique set of competences in bio-technology, polymerization and process know-how and expanded foam technology of each individual company.”

“This proprietary process shared by PURAC, Sulzer Chemtech and Synbra Technology relies on polymerisation and devolatilisation technology to efficiently produce a range of PLA products from the specialty lactides supplied by PURAC” notes Aravind Chander, Frost & Sullivan’s Research Analyst. “This unique offering will significantly reduce the process and product development time enabling faster and more reliable market entry for PLA producers.”

“This award proves that we have the right products, expertise and partners to further develop the market for lactic acid based bioplastics” comments Ruud Reichert, business development manager PLA. “The acknowledgement of Frost & Sullivans experts further strengthen our position as the leader in lactides for the bioplastics industry”.


PURAQC, press release, 2009-05-20.


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