Five Industrial bio-materials nominated for the Innovation Award “Bio-material of the year 2011”!

Winners to be elected by the audience at the 4th International Congress on Bio-based Plastics and Composites

Dear material experts,

the neck-and-neck-race has found its end: The jury of sponsors (Coperion, InfraServ GmbH & Co. KG / Chemiepark Knapsack and Proganic) and partners (see below) of the 4th International Congress on bio-based Plastics and Composites nominated five industrial bio-materials for the “Bio-material of the year 2011” out of numerous applications. On the first day of the Congress on the 15th and 16th of March in Cologne, Germany, the three winners will be elected by the audience and awarded at the evening reception.

Join the Congress on bio-based Plastics and Composites! Meet more than 150 experts from Industry and Research, visit the accompanying trade exhibition and cast your vote for one of the five industrial bio-materials selected by the jury!

Below you find short descriptions of the five nominated materials. Detailed information you can find on the Congress-website At the Congress the nominated companies will present their materials and then the audience has the choice. Don’t miss it!

DSM Composite Resins AG, Netherlands/Switzerland: Palapreg® ECO P55-01
The bio-based “high-performance”-thermoset resin Palapreg® ECO P55-01 is a patented product consisting of 55 % bio-based material, which is the highest bio-based content currently available on the market. Palapreg® ECO not only matches the performance of petrochemical based materials in the market without any compromise on its processability, it even outperforms some of the best traditional, oil-based plastic materials.
Biomass: Plant oil

Ecovative Design LLC, USA: EcoCradle™
EcoCradle™ is a low embodied-energy, compostable, protective packaging material that is literally grown into any custom shape and competes with petrochemical foams in terms of both performance and cost. The self-assembling bonds formed by mycelium (mushroom “roots”) produce this material as it grows around a substrate of regionally sourced agricultural byproducts.
Biomass: Agricultural byproducts, fungus mycelium

Pfleiderer AG, Germany: BalanceBoard
The BalanceBoard is a composite material solely based on natural raw materials. The wood span based medial layer is mixed with about 30% of light biomass granules based on renewable raw materials respectively annual crops (corn, wheat). The board shows a weight reduction of 30 % compared to common particle boards while maintaining comparable mechanical properties.
Biomass: Wood, wheat and corn

GAÏALENE® is a new “high-performance” range of bio-based plastics for packaging, which can compete in performance terms (mechanical, thermal, soft touch, etc.) with fossil-based plastics. GAÏALENE® resin is for lasting applications that usually use polyolefins, ABS and more technical polymers – with an excellent cost/efficiency profile.
Biomass: Starch

Zelfo® Technology, Germany: Zelfo®
The “Cellulose Optimization Resource Efficient (CORE)”-technology up-cycles cellulosic and ligno-cellulosic waste without the addition of any chemicals, catalysts or binders to create Zelfo®, a micro and nano-fibrillated cellulose fibre (MFC/NFC). Zelfo® can be formed into finished objects (bio-composites), or used as a bio-additive to improve plastic or paper material characteristics.
Biomass: Cellulose and ligno-cellulose biomass

With kind regards

Michael Carus

CEO nova-Institute

We would like to thank our Innovation Award sponsor: Coperion GmbH

and our congress-sponsors InfraServ GmbH & Co. Knapsack KG and PROGANIC®,

our partners AVK, BioPro, CLIB 2021, EuropaBio, Fraunhofer UMSICHT, FNR, IAR, National Non-Food Crops Centre, Smithers RAPRA and VHI, our media-partners plasticker, materialsgate, bioplastics MAGAZINE, EUWID, Forum nachhaltig wirtschaften, Technology Review, Timber Web, as well as International Business Directory for Innovative Bio-based Plastics and Composites (iBIB 2011).


nova Institut GmbH, press release, 2011-03-03.


Ecovative Design LLC
European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)
InfraServ GmbH & Co. Knapsack KG
nova-Institut GmbH
Pfleiderer AG
Zelfo Technology GmbH


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