Finnish study highlights new plant packaging

Sustainable food-packaging materials based on future biorefinery products: Xylans and mannans

In their article in Trends in Food Science & Technology, co-authors Kirsi Mikkonen and Maija Tenkanen reveal that xylans and mannans could replace starch in sustainable plastics. The former are commonly found in agricultural and the latter in forest industry sidestreams such as cereal husks and pulp PCWPs.

“They are a remarkable, plentiful natural resource that occur in all plants and are not exploited yet,” Mikkonen told European Plastics News. ” (They are) much better to use than starch as they are not a human nutrient whose use could increase food prices.”

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Tags: mannans, xylans, biodegradable, starch-based, oil-based products


European Plastics News, 2012-08-09.


University of Helsinki