Finland’s Fazer joins eco start-up to further development of wood-based packaging

Collaboration's aim is to make Sulapac material available for all consumers around the world

The eco-packaging start-up company Sulapac Oy has entered into a partnership with one of the largest food companies in Finland to help make its operations more sustainable and become a “more responsible” producer. Fazer has committed to using the fellow Finnish company’s wood-based packaging by the end of the year on one range, ahead of a much grander plan to make it available “for all consumers around the world”. Fazer, which is most well-known for the production of baked goods, was clear there was currently no viable bio-based alternative to plastic for keeping perishable food fresh it wanted to help change that. In an effort to reduce the amount of unrecyclable plastic being sent to landfill, the company has thrown its weight behind Sulapac to make biodegradable forms of packaging more widespread.

Sulapac Oy develops fully biodegradable packaging materials that contain no microplastics, with its award-winning packaging product, Sulapac, made from wood chips and natural, biodegradable binders. Sulapac uses only wood chips that originate from forests operating sustainable management, and it’s this very product that Fazer wants to use

The founder of Sulapac said that the collaboration with Fazer presented an excellent opportunity to develop and learn together. “It also shows that we can meet extremely demanding quality requirements. We will start with premium products, but the aim is to make Sulapac material available for all consumers around the world”, said Suvi Haimi.

Fazer said it got involved in the project to reform the food sector and promote more extensive and transparent cooperation with universities and start-ups, efforts that will support Sulapac’s research and development to help “take it to the next level”.

The latest deal with Fazer followed Sulapac’s join development agreement that it signed with Stora Enso in May, part of a commitment to help develop a renewable plastic that uses biodegradable materials instead of fossil fuels. Stora Enso will licence Sulapac’s materials and technology to enable the creation of fully renewable caps and closures for liquid packages, with further work planned on packaging for food and electronics.


Bio-Based World News, 2018-06-11.


Oy Karl Fazer
Sulapac Ltd.


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