Finland: Two biorefinery, a total of EUR 33.3 million to support energy

Aim is to increase domestic advanced biofuel production and commercialization

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy granted 17/12/2014 Bioethanol Finland Oy, EUR 30 million to support energy Kouvola Myllykoski planned bioethanol facility investment. Neste Oil Corporation was granted, respectively, just under 3.3 million to support the Naantali refinery in connection with tall oil pitch will be bred to continuously transport biofuels.

Myllykoski bioethanol plant would be built in an old factory in the area, so the project can be utilized area of ​​the existing infrastructure, such as power plants, sewage treatment plants and complete logistics connections. The refinery would produce a straw about 72 000 tons of bioethanol per year, which corresponds to more than 90 million liters of bioethanol.

Naantali bio-refinery would be built in Neste Oil’s Naantali refinery. It would allow the refinery tall oil residue processing into biofuel. The process would biogasoline, biodiesel, as well as smaller amounts of other renewable verses. Total production would be about 40 000 tons of biofuel per year.

– Board of Directors to promote the production of advanced biofuels by granting them ready for biorefineries investment support. For this purpose, are reserved to the state budget a separate 82.5 million commitment authority. The aim is to increase domestic biofuel production instead of importation and commercialization of second-generation biofuels connected with the production of new technology, Minister of Economic Affairs, Jan Vapaavuori says.

TEM has already conceded in August St1 Biofuels Oy, EUR 12 million to support energy Kajaani biojalostamoinvestointiin. Search for other project involved with their applications is unfortunately not possible to proceed in the desired manner. Neste Oil Oyj and UPM-Kymmene Corporation have withdrawn their applications sent to the Ministry. The Ministry has also been reading SIEVI Biofuels Oy’s application for aid. Of advanced biofuels for transport, the promotion of the project is consistent with the objectives, but the reading was based on the application it has not been possible at this stage to support grant.

– Finland wants to increase the determination of renewable energy in transport fuels. It is a nationally important issue to strengthen the domestic origin of energy, environmental and security of supply. We have set the EU level, the obligation to double the ambitious national target of 20% of transport fuels should be based on renewable energy sources in 2020, says Vapaavuori. Of transport fuels distributors, distribution obligation is set this year by six per cent, and it is growing steadily to 20 per cent by 2020.


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Ministry of Employment and the Economy, press release, 2014-12-17.


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