Expanding of bioplastics research

UWO Biodigester team studying new bioplastics’ potential

Imagine a future where the fast-food soda cups, the sandwich wrappers and the grocery store bags we go through on a daily basis are made of molecules that rapidly break down and return to the earth as reusable carbon, not concerning chemicals.

Now, imagine that, as they safely decompose, these next-generation materials also yield a bonus: Biogas, such as methane, a natural, safely combustible source of renewable energy, of heat and electricity.

…Full Text: www.uwosh.edu/today/24352/uwo-biodigester-team-studying-new-bioplastics-potential/

Tags: energy-production, anaerobic digestion, food waste, biogas, next-gen materials, packaging, plastics, sustainable power source, livestock waste


UW Oshkosh Today, 2013-01-09.


College of Letters and Science
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
UW Oshkosh Environmental Research and Innovation Center (ERIC)
UW Oshkosh Foundation
Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA)
Wisconsin State Energy Office


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