European Hemp Fibres for Diverse Biobased Products

EIHA: "European Hemp Fibres Available Now"

European hemp fibre has a large number of uses in industrial applications, among them speciality pulp and paper, automotive parts, other natural fibre composites, insulation materials and consumer goods. Besides its outstanding material properties, its use benefits the environment and its production maintains high social standards. The European Industrial Hemp Association has published a leaflet introducing the qualities and applications of european hemp fibre to potential industrial and commercial customers.

hempfibresgreenproducts.jpgThe brochure shows many examples of hemp fibre based products which are already introduced and established on the market, and lists of processors of European Hemp Fibre.

The European Hemp industry is a young and modern industry with new and improved harvesting and fibre processing technologies. Importantly, Hemp does not compete with food production. Along with a high yield, Hemp produces fibres of the highest quality. Their mechanical properties are equal to the best natural fibres in the world. The processors guarantee high quality standards and a secure continuity of supply. As Hemp is an annual crop this quantity can be easily increased according to demand.

The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)
EIHA is an association of Regular members, the Hemp primary processing companies within the EU and Associate members who are associations, national organisations, companies and individuals working in the field of Hemp or other natural fibres. Founded in 2005, EIHA today has 9 regular and over 60 associated members from 30 different countries.

EIHA was formed originally to give members a voice at the European Commission in Brussels. It has grown quickly into a respected Organisation that is an excellent bank of information and a real support to the fast developing Hemp Industry. Each annual EIHA conference allows members and non members alike to exchange views and important developments with their colleagues.

Further information
Brochure “European Hemp Fibres for Diverse Biobased Products”: Download as pdf document or order free print brochure at EIHA.

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European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), 2009-07.


European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)


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