EREMA: Reclaiming Bioplastics “Part of Day-to-Day Operations”

PLA recycling demonstrated

Plastics-recycling systems provider EREMA has demonstrated recycling of PLA film at the NPE2009 show in Chicago (USA) in Juni 2009, turning biodegradable scrap film material into easily used, near virgin quality pellets.

“For some manufacturers biopolymers are a new frontier. For us it just another example of our ‘we know how’ industry leading experience,” said EREMA North America CEO Tim Hanrahan.

According to Hanrahan, EREMA has been running recycling demonstrations of bioplastics at the Ipswich, Massachusetts (USA) facility for years and for some customers reclaiming bioplastic waste with EREMA equipment is a regular part of their day-to-day operations. In Europe alone, for the last five years approximately 20 million pounds per year or more of biopolymers were recycled on EREMA systems. Approximately the same amount is repelletized in North America with EREMA systems.

For success with these new materials no modifications to standard EREMA equipment are required. EREMA encourages customers with EREMA systems in place to explore the biopolymer recycling field. “The unique EREMA system is ideal for use with biopolymers. During normal production, the heat generated in the standard cutter/compactor easily eliminates the typical amount of moisture that makes this material difficult for some systems to reprocess,” Hanrahan said. “Our short extruder L/D ratios also help to avoid thermal degradation.”


Converting magazine, 2009-05-21.