ELIX Polymers wins “Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award” for ECO ABS-NF

New natural fibre reinforced compound cuts customer carbon footprints without sacrificing processability and performance


An innovative natural fibre-reinforced ABS developed by ELIX Polymers has picked up the 2016 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award. ELIX ECO ABS-NF was specifically designed to fulfil some of the most demanding requirements of the automotive industry, and offers mechanical properties that are equal to or better than traditional glass fibre reinforced ABS.

Explaining the reasons for the award, Frost & Sullivan says it praises the ability of ELIX Polymers to rise to the challenge of creating a natural fibre-reinforced compound that matches the characteristic properties of glass fibre composites. It says “this is likely to steer OEM willingness to adopt ELIX ABS-NF in a number of GF applications, thereby enhancing their environmental footprint (without compromising on mechanical properties)”.

“By understanding the unmet need in the natural fibre composites market, ELIX Polymers has meticulously developed a product that addresses the key performance requirements within the automotive industry,” says the consultant. “As such, natural fibre composites based on ABS act as superior alternatives for automotive OEMs, enabling their usage across many applications that require high stability and enhanced aesthetics.”

Frost & Sullivan further notes that, “by comprehending the increasing interest of automotive OEMs towards developing environmentally sustainable design solutions, ELIX Polymers’ ELIX ECO ABS -NF natural fibre reinforced ABS is able to facilitate the replacement of composites based on glass fibres across a number of interior automotive applications.”

“As part of our Innovation strategy our objective is to introduce added value to our ABS portfolio seeking for more sustainable products,” says Antonio Prunera, head of Quality & Business Development of ELIX Polymers. “This is a logical step in our policy of new product development. It is very heartwarming to see that Frost & Sullivan recognizes our work in the innovation field of the automotive market with the introduction of natural fibre-reinforced ABS – based on wood fibre.”

The full Frost & Sullivan report can be find in download section from web site:


ELIX Polymers, press release, 2016-03-14.


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