Electrochaea Expands Business Development Team in North America and Europe

Electrochaea’s grid-scale energy storage solution converts renewable energy and carbon dioxide into grid-quality renewable methane for storage and distribution

March 18, 2021 – Electrochaea, a leading provider of renewable natural gas technology, is continuing its growth trajectory and appointing Joseph Feldman as Executive Vice President for North American Business Development and Peter Plesner as Business Development Director with a European focus. These new appointments reflect the growing opportunities for Electrochaea’s technology to  enable  large-scale  availability  of  renewable  natural  gas  (RNG)  as  an  essential  component  to  the transition to a green economy worldwide. Electrochaea’s proprietary biomethanation technology allows replacement of fossil natural gas with renewable natural gas while providing storage solutions for renewable energy.

Feldman  is focusing  on  securing  large-scale  projects  in  North America that will  provide RNG  to  the customer, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make use of otherwise curtailed power. Feldman brings over thirty years’ experience with new market entry, strategic partnering, technology-enabled businesses and cross-border transactions. Feldman has led the growth efforts for multiple venture-stage technology firms including First Genetic Trust, Chromatin, and Sandbox Industries, as well as working with technology development groups at the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Feldman has worked in a wide range of international markets, including as Deputy General Manager for the European operations of The NutraSweet Company.  As President of Feldman Associates, Feldman has worked with growing companies on acquisitions, new market entry and a range of strategic initiatives.

Plesner is accelerating Electrochaea’s development of business opportunities in Europe. Through Plesner’s diplomatic experience, his appointment adds an additional dimension to Electrochaea’s expertise in the regulatory and international environment. As the Clean Tech Team Leader of Invest in Denmark, a branch of the Danish Foreign Ministry, Plesner provided political advice to companies and cooperation with Danish authorities on framework conditions for energy investments in Denmark. Plesner was instrumental in bringing Electrochaea to Europe and de-risking the technology in Denmark. His interest in supporting businesses as they interact with the energy framework continued in his work with Copenhagen Capacity.

As owner of Mr Cleantech.dk, Plesner provided consulting support to Danish and international companies in their effort to understand energy framework conditions and establish business cases. “The benefit to Electrochaea is immeasurable to have engaged two great individuals who have substantial knowledge  about  the  energy  markets,  and  are  eager  to  meet  the  increasing  demand  for  green  energy  technology” says Mich  Hein,  CEO  and  Managing  Director  of  Electrochaea. “Both  have  had  a  long-standing interest in Electrochaea, adding an even greater value to having them on board.”

Electrochaea’s grid-scale energy storage solution converts renewable energy and carbon dioxide into grid-quality renewable methane for storage and distribution. Based on biological methanation, this power-to-gas system uses a selectively evolved microorganism – a methanogenic archaea – to synthesize methane from only hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The technical advantages of this biocatalyst enable Electrochaea’s methanation technology to operate at lower capital and operating costs and with greater flexibility than conventional  thermochemical  methanation  processes.  Electrochaea’s  plants  have  injected  renewable natural gas into commercial gas grids in Switzerland and Denmark.


Electrochaea, press release, 2021-03-18.


Electrochaea GmbH


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