Ecover is now a B Corp (Certified B Corporation™)

Company got certification for always having tried to keep impact of its activities on people and the planet to a minimum

Ecover has joined the ranks of the sustainable businesses awarded B Corp status in Europe. A B Corp, or Certified B Corporation™, is one that has been certified by the non-profit organization B Lab as meeting rigorous criteria in the areas of social responsibility, environmental impact, transparency and business management.

B Corps (the B stands for “Benefit”) are companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Certification began in the US and, following its success in South America, Canada and Australia, the B Corp movement has now arrived in Europe. To date, only 60 European companies have earned B Corp status.

Following a stringent (publicly available) screening process, B Corp has recognized the approach adopted by Ecover and the results it has achieved. Since its foundation, some 35 years ago, Ecover has always tried to keep the impact of its activities on people and the planet to a minimum by manufacturing brilliant cleaning products using sustainable raw materials and production processes.

The good thing about the B Corp score is that it also indicates where Ecover could do better in order to be able to make an even greater contribution to society and the environment.

A statement released by the company said it was “delighted” about the company’s new status. “For over 35 years we have been a pioneer in green cleaning, sustainably producing products that improve the livelihoods of people and enhance our environment. Our B Corp rating gives us a great benchmark for continuous improvement and it’s important to us that the rating and our progress is available for all to see. As a B Corp we will continue in our mission to engage and inspire our peers, competitors and ourselves to do better, and help revolutionize the way modern day businesses do business”.

Ecover is proud to be a B Corp alongside, amongst others, Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia and Triodos Bank. The B Corp movement is also growing rapidly in Europe: since the first 60 European businesses were awarded B Corps status, another 500 businesses have embarked on the certification process. This emphasizes once again the shared belief of all B corps that doing business is about more than just making a profit.


Bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2015-05-13.


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