Eastman Naia showcases sustainable fashion at Première Vision

Eco-conscious cellulosic yarn poised to revolutionize womenswear


Naia™, the sustainably-sourced cellulosic yarn from Eastman, demonstrates its versatility in fashion fabrics at Première Vision Paris (PV), the international apparel textile exposition, Feb. 12 to 14. Made from bio-based wood pulp, Naia™ has inherent softness that creates fabrics with a silky hand and luster. With Naia™, Eastman integrates sustainability and fashion in a way that could revolutionize womenswear by providing designers with a viable eco-conscious choice of material.

“Womenswear designers and manufacturers are clamoring for sustainable fabrics to meet the demand of discerning consumers, who care about the materials in their clothes,” said Ruth Farrell, Eastman global marketing director of Textiles. “Naia™ cellulosic yarn is at the nexus of comfort and luxury because it renders soft, skin-friendly fabrics in rich, vibrant colors with a sumptuous drape.”

During the show, Eastman will display a one-of-a-kind peacock inspired dress created with fabrics from Naia™ partner mills, many of whom are also exhibiting at Première Vision Paris. The kaleidoscope of greens, browns and whites visualizes Naia’s commitment to sustainability, according to Farrell. Eastman will host an upcycling workshop in which a master tailor will repurpose fabric swatches made of Naia™ into uniquely sewn pouches that can be used in a variety of ways.

The Naia™ booth at PV is constructed with plywood from FSC™ certified forests and supported by recycled copper piping. Living its sustainability promise, Eastman repurposed wood from the previous PV booth into toys in a social workshop organized by Zonnehoeve, which provides creative opportunities for people with disabilities. The toys will be on display during the show and sold by the association online afterward.

Naia™ is made with wood pulp sourced from sustainably managed pine and eucalyptus plantations and forests, resulting in no deforestation of ancient and endangered forests. The yarn is produced in a closed-loop production process where safe solvents and water are recycled and reused, ensuring that Naia™ has a low tree-to-yarn carbon and water footprint. Listed on the Higg Materials Sustainability Index, Naia™ has a smaller environmental impact than fibers such as generic modal, triacetate and viscose.

Learn more about Naia™ from Eastman in the Première Vision Yarns Hall 6 at Booth 6C54 6D55.


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