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Replacement Cost on the Electrical Equipment Alone Exceedes The Opening Bid!

The following auction is for a complete bast fiber processing line. The mill was set up for kenaf, it could also be used for industrial hemp or possibly some other material. This is the opportunity for you, your company, or coop to get a running start at that processing facility you have been considering, without having to spend a million dollars. This is a turn key pilot line with a two ton per hour capacity. All you need is a site with a suitable structure and electricity supply. The system does need some normal maintainance, but over all is in very good working order. Ask questions before you bid. This is a chance to save tens of thousands of dollars and put your project months or years ahead of where you thought you could be.

Suggested Minimum Site Requirements:

Structure Height: 15 feet Width: 30 feet Length: 110 feet

Electrical : Min.400 amp, 3 phase

The system is currently set up to handle material in standard size agricultural round bale format. The feeding system could be adapted to others. There are three major products created by the line.

1- The long bast fiber with an average staple length of approximately 6 inches, this will vary with the dryness of the raw material. This fiber is collected in the baler and results in the bales shown in the picture. Major uses for this material are paper products, non-wovens, and reinforcement fibers. 12 bales are included with this package.

2- The cleaned and sized core, it is light in color and density. The white bags in the picture are filled with this product. Common uses are high quality animal bedding, particle materials, and cellulose.

3- The smaller core particles with some fine fiber in it. This product can be used for oil absorbsion, kitty litter, or fillers. The brown bags in the picture contain this product. 100 bags are included with this package.

The following is a description of the major components in the system. It is NOT INCLUSIVE of all the items the winning bidder will receive, there are just too many small items (some quite expensive) to list.

Major Components


1- 800 volt 3 phase ITC, Service Entrance/Disconnect Enclosed Switch (pictured)

4- 600 volt 3 phase Square D, Model 5 Motor control center sections, a total of 19 switch controllers (pictured)

1- Westinghouse DS-3 Transformer 240×480 to 120×240 (pictured)


The electric motors on the following equipment are hazaradous/rough service models. Control boxes and/or safety shutoffs are mounted directly on many of these units.

The picture of an electric motor on secondary separator number one, is representive of the heavy duty nature of the electric motors on the system.

Section 1

1- Round bale unrolling system, two stage, electric with self contained hydraulic system

1- 15 ft. x 3ft. Heavy duty inspection conveyor w/gear reduction system

1- Crimper w/General Electric Gear reduction system

1- Dual stage primary separator w/30 h.p. Westinghouse primary motor and 3 h.p. U.S. Electrics gear reduction unit on stage two

1- Heavy Duty core moving fan with 5 h.p. motor

1- Fiber chopper w/30 h.p. Westinghouse rough service electric motor and Square D safety switch

1- Main Operators station that controls the items in section one.

Section 2

2- Two Stage Secondary separators with belly conveyors, dust collection system 30 h.p. primary motors and 5 h.p. gear reduction units on stage two, w/ 5 ft connecting conveyor (pictured)

1- 8ft. Inclined Core stream connecting conveyor

1- Core Cleaner/sizer with belly conveyor and return fan w/ 5 h.p. Baldor motor (pictured)

1- 10 ft Inclined paddle belt conveyor to hammermill

1- Myers and Sherman Hammer mill w/30 h.p. U.S. Electrical motor and metal magnets, extra knives (pictured)

1- Two Stage, dual fan core sizer (pictured)

1- Centralized Control panel for items in Section 2 (pictured)

Section 3

3- Hobbs Engineering bagging stations (pictured)

1-20 ft fiber delivery/inspection conveyor (pictured)

1- Self Contained hydraulic fiber Baler (pictured)

1- Centralized Control panel for items in Section 3

Support Equipment:

3- Cyclone dust or material separators

1- 1000 # Portable Toledo Scale

1- Prater Industries Heavy Duty Hammermill w/75 h.p. U.S. Electrics motor

1- Heavy Duty, High Capacity Self Contained Hydraulic Power Pack with 40 h.p. motor, cooling radiator, and tank

1- General Electric 40 h.p. hazardous duty motor

1- 3 ft dia. Material moving fan w/20 h.p.Westinghouse motor


12- approx. 400 lb. bales of processed kenaf fiber

500- 5 cubic foot bags of #3 product

100- Bales of whole stalk kenaf for processing


1500-Brown paper bags for # 3 product

40- bale ties

Misc. Equipment

Tubing for dust control

Assorted sheet metal, flanges, and shields

Several Square D safety switchs Junction boxes, and disconnects

Spare control panels , breakers, and parts

Assorted electrical hardware

Over a dozen additional electric motors from 1 to 40 h.p.

Billet cutting saw

Billet shake feeder

High pressure bagging press

MANY OF THE ABOVE ITEMS ARE NOT PICTURED, IT WAS JUST NOT POSSIBLE. We welcome your questions. These items are being sold AS IS WHERE IS. However, we would consider consulting for the winning party through the delivery, setup, and testing phases. Email will your proposal.

Thanks for looking at this auction.


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