Dordan to Display Thermoformed Samples of ALGIX’s Colored Algae-Plastic at International Pack Expo 2013

New algae-based polymers with reduced odor and a wider range of colors

ALGIX, an aquatic biomass technology company, in partnership with Kimberly-Clark, developed the mechanisms to utilize algae waste from aquaculture and convert, via its subsidies, into algae plastic that is suitable for use in a variety of applications and end markets. Dordan’s relationship with ALGIX goes back to 2011 when the companies collaborated on thermoforming the first sample of algae plastic, subsequently displayed at Pack Expo 2012 in Chicago; the sample consisted of 20% algae, 80% PP.

Since last year, ALGIX has been proactive in working to alleviate some of the barriers to algae cultivation, drying, grinding, and converting, and looks forward to achieving an economically sustainable model for this technology on a commercial scale.

The first generation algae plastic Dordan thermoformed looked and smelled like algae; in order to optimize its market penetration, Director of R&D Ryan Hunt has been working to remove odor from the material and experimenting with colors. Success has been observed on all these fronts and the material continues to exceed expectations in performance and quality.

Dordan CEO Daniel Slavin explains, “The progress ALGIX and its subsidies have made the last two years is remarkable. Taking a persistent aquaculture waste problem like algae and developing the processes whereby it is converted into a material suitable for thermoforming demonstrates continues innovations in material science and sustainability. We are happy to be involved and are excited to show the first colored thermoformed sample of algae plastic at Pack Expo in Las Vegas.”

About Dordan Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Dordan celebrates its 50th anniversary with ISO 9001:2008 certification. Incorporated in 1962, Dordan is a Midwestern based, National supplier of custom designed thermoformed packaging solutions like clamshells, blisters, trays and components for a variety of industries. Dordan will be exhibiting at Pack Expo in Las Vegas 23-25, booth #6606

ALGIX is comprised by it’s two divisions: ALGENT and Solaplast: ALGENT, based in Marion Junction, AL, has developed algae harvesting, dewatering, and drying systems for producing dry algae biomass for use in bio-products like bioplastics; Solaplast is a bioplastic compounding company that uses patent-pending technologies from Kimberly-Clark and the University of Georgia for the formulation and production of bioplastic resins from various types of aquatic biomass. Together they represent ALGIX, LLC, an aquatic biomass technology firm.


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Algix LLC
Dordan Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Kimberly-Clark Corporation


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