DNFI World Natural Fibre Update May 2024

Free Download of the 9 page report including 6 graphs: “DNFI World Natural Fibre Update May 2024” on the website

Depending on the continent and climate zone, natural fibers grow all year round. The dependence on local and global weather influences changes the quality and quantity of the fibers at the time of harvest or during and after cleaning and processing.

Geopolitical or regional events are other factors affecting the availability of natural fibers. In the case of statistical evaluations, it must be taken into account that some regional harvest periods also take place at the turn of the year.

World natural fibre production in 2024 is estimated at 32.4 million metric tons, including 25.3 million tonnes of cotton, 3.2 million tonnes of jute, 1.2 million tonnes of coir, 1 million tonnes of wool and 1.6 million tonnes of all other fibres combined. The estimate is essentially unchanged over the past month.

2024/25 global cotton output is estimated by Cotton Outlook, a private cotton information firm, at 25.3 million tonnes, an increase of 2.5% over their estimate for 2023/24. The United States accounts for almost the entire increase. Rain over the High Plains of Texas around Lubbock has improved production prospects.

The 2024 projection for world wool production is issued by Independent Commodity Services on behalf of the International Wool Textile Organization. A change of 1.5% compared to 2023 is forecast. Production in Australia is forecast down 5%, while estimates have been reduced in Iran, Syria, and Morocco because of drought, and in Mongolia because of a dzud (harsh winter). An estimated 10% of livestock in Mongolia have been lost. Australia accounts for over half of the decline in the world total wool production estimate for 2024.

Excerpt from the 9 page report May 2024

“… The Australian Wool Production Forecasting Committee’s (AWPFC) first forecast of Australian shorn wool production for 2024/25 is 306 million …. The Eastern Market Indicator of prices for merino wool in Australia rose 2% in April to US$7.64/kg  …. The British Fleece Wool Price Indicator of strong wool prices rose 6% in …. Prices of silk (grade 3A; Denier 20/22D; regain 11%) in China were quoted at US$ …. The Indian Jute Balers Association (JBA) market quotes converted to USD averaged 73 cents per kg in April, an increase of …. Prices of Western European flax long fibre, ex scutching mill, averaged over all qualities, converted to US$, continued their extraordinary rise during January and February 2024 (most recent data available), reaching $ …. Prices of Brazilian Sisal, Bahia, Type 3 DB, FOB Salvador were quoted at US$ …”

Free Download of the 9 page report including 6 graphs: “DNFI World Natural Fibre Update May 2024” by filling the form on the website.


Terry Townsend


DFNI, press release, 2024-05-16.


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